Innokin CoolFire IV

The CoolFire II seems to have been around for a long time, at least when I think about how swiftly things change.

Some brands are altering their styles so rapidly and frequently it is inconceivable that Innokin would let their CoolFire brand stagnate.

Considering there is a gap between the II and IV, perhaps they did not intentionally leave it so long to reinvent their CoolFire mod.

Maybe things just went badly in the R&D department, in which case, kudos to Innokin for holding back until they had developed something worth selling.

Innokin CoolFire IV

The CoolFire II is one of the e cig industry’s most famous mods: the grenade. It came along at a time when manufacturers sought to emulate the look and feel of tactical military items.

There is the AR Mod, for instance, and companies started testing mods in extreme conditions, developing shock-proof, water-resistant, and dust-resistant devices such as the HeatVape Invader and the E-LVT mod.

Another area of the industry was focusing on adding watts and designing more sophisticated firmware. Innokin is usually ahead of the game, but in this case they seemed to fall a little behind. Their CoolFire IV looks a lot like other mods in the 40W range rather than some kind of innovation.

Not Behind

At first, one might believe Innokin was asleep at the wheel, but I don’t think that is true on closer inspection. Maybe they were just waiting to see what the others would do: Smok, Pioneer4You, Kanger, Sigelei, and Eleaf.

While those companies released bigger and more powerful mods, some designers were working on vaporizers that could achieve super-low sub-ohms at lower, safer watts. They became the compact 40W devices we see a lot of like the Hana Modz, VaporShark rDNA, Kanger KBox, and now the Cool Fire IV.

Vapers discovered that with high-tech microchips and high-purity nickel coils, they could still achieve warm, flavorful clouds and apply sub-ohm tanks to their compact devices.

Features of the Cool Fire IV

This is a 2000-mAh machine putting out 14.5A (maximum) but it is just 86 mm long: probably the smallest box mod you can buy. Innokin took the shape of an iPV Mini (cut off at the corners) and softened it even more until they achieved a lovely, rounded quality. The HCigar 40W is a box: the latest CoolFire is a work of art.

Also, unlike the KBox, a CoolFire IV displays values on a display such as how many puffs you have taken, vaping time, and power. Three buttons let you turn the unit on and off for safety and turn watts up or down accurately using a Vrms DC current system.

Standard Features

Just about all vape mods worth anything these days contain a microprocessor which prevents the device from being ruined if you end up with a short circuit, low voltage, resistance below 0.2 ohms, or try to vape for too long at one time. The cut-off on a CoolFire IV is 15 seconds.

These defense measures protect the product and their owner. Even a single 18650 battery can overheat to the point it becomes a grenade, channeling the CoolFire II in act rather than appearance.

Another way this mod communicates with its owner is using lights, just like iTaste products (the CLK, MVP, etc.). If the LED light is green, your battery is fully or substantially charged.

When the rate is about 50% your light turns yellow. A red light tells you it’s time to charge, but even then you can still vape.

Like the iStick, KBox, and MVP, a CoolFire IV is a pass-through vaporizer. With the addition of colorful Innokin iSub sub-ohm tank, you have the makings of a hard-working vape system.

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