Innokin iTaste 134

Own the iTaste 134 for between $130 and $150 and enjoy tons of power plus a great looking mod your friends will be envious of. This is an Innokin device so you know it will provide many months of excellent service, perhaps several years. The e cigarette industry is so relatively new and the iTaste 134 is not old, so saying any of these devices could last a decade would be a guess, at best, yet if any brand has the potential to last that long, Innokin might be the one. You will find their devices for sale from dozens of internet vendors and in many vape shops.

Innokin iTaste 134 Review

One of the special features of this mod is its capacity to provide variable wattage from 6.5 watts to 12.5 watts, adjustable by increments of 0.5 watts. Although variable wattage is common today, when the Innokin iTaste 134 was first released this was an amazing innovation. It provided consumers with consistent performance and did the math for users.

Variable wattage devices calculate voltage against chosen wattage and atomizer resistance, whereas with variable voltage, consumers had to calculate the best value for a given resistance or choose the right resistance to achieve their desired voltage. The iTaste 134 will accept coils wrapped to sub-ohms as low as 0.8. Variable voltage items like the MVP are unable to accept sub-ohms. In fact, most variable voltage/wattage devices can’t handle sub-ohms right now. Expect to see sub-ohm ratings in new versions though.

Monitoring your System

The iTaste 134 monitors a variety of values, thus protecting you from killing the mod accidentally. It registers low voltage and battery reversal. If there is a problem, the iTaste 134 does not simply ring a bell or beep at you: it automatically shuts off or fails to fire up. That’s the best way to save you from grief.

If you hold the button for 10 seconds, the iTaste will turn off to prevent overheating which can wreck your battery and circuitry. The battery’s charge is indicated by LED lights: green for a full charge, yellow for a half charge, and red if you need to take it out and recharge the battery. The firing button can be locked on or off for further protection against wasting your battery or accidentally pressing the button.

Innokin iTaste 134 Battery

This removable battery measures 18650 for several days of power. A full-sized Innokin iTaste 134 is portable, but will stand out more than many devices at 5 ¾” long. That is the measurement before adding a tank. A 510 connection thread enables one to select from a huge assortment of tanks and clearomizers, including various iClear tanks also made by Innokin.

Good Looking Electronic Cigarette

There are two color choices: solid stainless steel or black with stainless steel accents. Bottom caps are chrome. A series of columns gives your device the appearance of some Greek building in miniature; a modern salute to classical architecture. It feels solid and hefty, inspiring confidence in the build of your iTaste 134. To change wattage you do not press a button; turn about a third of the way from the top.

The Mini iTaste 134

In almost every way, the Mini version of an iTaste 134 is the same as its big brother. There is just one difference: battery size. Instead of inserting an 18650, you will be using an 18350- or 18500-rated battery. These are also less expensive than the full-sized iTaste 134. With the Innokin iTaste 134 Mini, your vaping device is lighter and more discrete.

Matching Tank

Any 510 tank is compatible but some tanks would be better than others. For example, if you are spending money on a device capable of sub-ohms, make sure your atomizer can be wrapped to sub-ohm levels. Don’t bother with a low-capacity tank either with a multi-day battery on board.

Price for the Innokin iTaste 134

I mentioned a price range above, but there is at least a $60 difference between highest and lowest examples. This is sometimes because the package contains a battery, tank, charger, and e liquid, but some companies issue a horrendous markup because customers are willing to pay and too lazy to look around. Examine prices carefully, make sure you are buying a genuine Innokin (not one of the many knock-offs of inferior quality), and have fun with this exciting e cig.

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