Innokin ITaste DRV

Innokin must not have thought it was good enough to own a car charging adapter for your e cig. Perhaps customers wrote in and said they wanted something different from the maker of their favorite vaping devices such as the iTaste MVP 3.0 and VV V4.0.

They didn’t need it, but Innokin could make it, and that’s good enough. Whatever customers or designers at Innokin talked about, it led to a completely new way to vape in the car; one that is designed specifically for a vehicle and would be difficult to imagine using anywhere else: the Innokin iTaste DRV.

Innokin iTaste DRV Appearance

I wracked my brains trying to figure out what this reminded me of and then it hit me: a shower head or the head of a fancy hair dryer.

That is what the wheel of Innokin’s iTaste DRV calls to mind. Whether Innokin’s R&D team meant for there to be such a resemblance between these items or not is unclear, but I think I know what they had in mind.

When you are driving along busy roads, every action you undertake that is not related to driving has to be clear and easy or set aside for safety reasons. The DRV makes it simple to change voltage, not by fiddling with buttons or a small dial but with a big item that sits on your dashboard or on a big console where it can be reached easily.

Elements of the DRV

An e cig is attached to a coiled cord, much like a USB cig but longer. Measure 7″ when coiled and up to 42″ when the cord is stretched. You could be in the backseat and still take a puff if the driver lets you. Heck, you could be on the roof.

The car charging socket is rated 12/24 DCV and the device has a 5A fuse for vaping at 20W maximum, 2600 mAh, and 1 ohm minimum resistance. That is good enough for most top-end tank atomizers like Kanger’s ProTank series, the Aspire Nautilus, and others. Voltage is adjustable in 0.2-volt increments from 4.2 to 6.4 volts to make it as user-friendly as possible.

Add a Clearomizer

You will not be surprised to learn that Innokin has just the tank for a DRV user: the iClear 16D BDCC (bottom dual coil clearomizer) for about $5 in several colors. This is perfectly satisfactory for 6.4-volt vaping: you will not need a sub-ohm tank until you get to some of Innokin’s other high-tech units like the SVD or maybe their Arachnid Mechanical Mod. When you get to their high-watt mods, it makes sense to switch to a rebuildable tank or dripping mod.

Paying the Price for Puffing on the Road

If you don’t pay attention to what you are doing and run red lights, hit someone’s bumper, or weave around like a drunk while you vape, the cops will see you and the fine could be steep. Pay attention to the road, avoid your local police, and pay between $56 and $80 for the Innokin iTaste DRV.

Some e cig retailers carry it as a kit with an iClear clearomizer attached. Some just carry the DRV and you make up your own kit. Obviously, batteries are not included or needed. You might need to buy yourself a car, however, which would be the most expensive accessory I have ever had to recommend to vapers.

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