Innokin iTaste MVP 3.0

Innokin’s iTaste MVP 2.0 VW vape mod and battery bank has been a reliable choice for intermediate vapers for a couple of years. This box mod is good for just under 1 ohm of resistance and supplies vapers with portable power to charge cell phones and other USB devices.

At a cost of between $60 and $70 for the device and an iClear clearomizer combined in a starter kit, this hefty but small box has been an excellent and low-price product for newly advanced vapers. Innokin generally produces a durable piece of hardware one can rely on.

Innokin iTaste MVP 3.0

But for some months, consumers have wondered if Innokin would upgrade the iTaste MVP.

It’s not as though this well known manufacturer has been idle: Innokin makes the CLK, Lily, VV 3.0, Cool Fire I and II, SVD, A10, and more.

They did not need to invent something completely new. But with Variable Wattage mods becoming more and more powerful, they made a wise choice to turn up the power a little with their iTaste MVP 3.0.

Edition 2.0 provided a range of 6 to 11 watts which was ample if you had only started to play with variable power mods. The new version is good for up to 30 watts. That big jump shows the company has been paying attention.

Aspire just released their ESP 30W mod while the ELeaf iStick has also been upgraded. Companies such as Sigelei and Pioneer4You are going even further with 50W to 150W mods geared at a minority of vapers seeking extreme thrills and near-zero resistance. But 30W appears to be where the average sub-ohm vaper finds his sweet spot.

Additional Properties

This is still a battery bank: that has not changed. Color choices are a little different. You can get an MVP 2.0 in multiple colors by paying extra while the basic model comes in neutral shades.

For Version 3.0, Innokin chose silver, black, blue, and pink. Like its predecessor, vapers can use the MVP 3.0 while it is charging. A 3800-mAh battery is built in to provide exceptional power and a reserve source of power on the go. As that battery’s charge is depleted, an LED light changes color to indicate when it must be charged.

Safety of an Innokin MVP 3.0

Not much has really changed here. Innokin has tweaked their device to be safer, but they were already setting high standards in the vape mod field. The Innokin MVP 3.0 provides low voltage warning, short circuit protection, and detects ohms.

If you go below 0.4 ohms, the device will shut down. Your maximum resistance is 2.5 ohms: about right for many standard clearomizers. The Innokin iTaste MVP 3.0 sells at a higher price — around $80 — but is worth the additional price, especially if you can find a deal that includes a clearomizer and e liquid. With a new version out, there will be discounts on Version 2.0 in many instances, so you can afford to own both.

Connecting to Tanks

Although an Innokin iClear clearomizer is typically chosen for starter kits with the MVP, 510-threading and a spring-loaded pin are designed to accommodate many different tanks. Innokin obviously lists several sizes of iClear but also the Gladius, while anything with a 510 thread is appropriate. Because of the lower resistance capability and higher wattage, you might want to upgrade from clearomizers to sub-ohm tanks.

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