Innokin ITaste VTR

Innokin is known for making some of the most durable, compatible, and reliable e cigs in the industry. Their factory in Shenzhen, China, churns out thousands of their Lily, A10, VTR, SVD, and Cool Fire devices (plus more) every day for wholesale customers around the world. These customers are brick-and-mortar vape shop owners and internet vendors who create starter kits from these devices or sell them without extras. The Innokin iTaste VTR is often sold by itself although any retailer will suggest some additional bits to help you create a package.

Innokin iTaste VTR Features

This sturdy unit looks formidable and it is, but pictures often fail to convey its compact dimensions. Although the iTaste VTR does not resemble a cigarette or a bolt-style variable voltage/wattage mod, it is still compact and portable, often preferred for the ability to charge it and go anywhere, far from USB ports and wall sockets.

An 18650 battery, not typically included, is removable so the VTR’s life is not reliant on the life of this power source. That’s a good thing because while the Innokin iTaste MVP 2.0 is about half the price of a VTR, its built-in battery does limit the MVP’s life overall.

Serious Vaping

With the capacity to vape at sub-ohm resistance levels, the VTR can achieve very high temperatures and excellent clouds of vapor, but you don’t have to vape this way. Variable voltage simply provides the choice and you can vape at cooler temperatures too. The higher your voltage is, the sooner your 18650 battery will run out of power, but it should remain charged enough to vape for 2 days.

You are equipped to achieve 3 to 6 volts and to select wattage from 3 to 15, but remember that vapers select one or the other value to adjust. By changing wattage, your VTR automatically selects a suitable voltage level.

Be warned, literally; there are loads of protective features inside your iTaste VTR. Find out if your battery is no longer putting out the minimum voltage you require (this happens when it is at the end of its life), and don’t watch your device malfunction because you put the battery in the wrong way around. Cheap devices provide few or no safeguards against common mistakes like that. There is a low battery power indicator and the atomizer is protected against a short in the circuit.

With sub-ohms and high voltage, overheating is extremely likely, but two things stop this from happening. First is that vent holes keep the insides of your VTR cool. The second is that if you press the button to activate your atomizer too long, the iTaste VTR will automatically shut off.

Finally, some products are compatible with a small array of tanks. Most, however, are compatible with any 510/eGo atomizer and the VTR is one example. Choose an iClear 16 or 30, a ProTank, Nautilus, or and MT3. It’s all about doing what you are most comfortable with.

Buying the VTR

Now for the hard part: paying. An Innokin VTR sells for a variety of prices at several locations, but a reasonable price would be about $100 for the real deal. Add a tank, battery, and some juice and you can get away with $150 or less for the whole system.

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