Inspiration: Playing with Design Seeds

I’m old enough to remember black & white television. I remember it being kinda muddy and not very pleasing to watch. Compared to our color TV, it was plain, boring and not very interesting.

You see, I’m love color! I love a great mix. However when you’re shopping for clothes, it can be very difficult to find the right match. Whether you’re looking for something to match perfectly or to coordinate, it can be difficult to find the courage to step out of our comfort zone of using black, white and khaki.

Have you heard of Design Seeds or Color Palettes? I LOVE looking at color palettes! They inspire me. I use to spend way too much time watching design shows on HGTV. One of my favorites was Colour Confidential. The designer would use a color wheel to educate the home owners on what colors would look great together.

Color Palettes for Fashion

Now, we can use fashion to help us with our color choices. We trust that clothing designers know what they are doing. They design a piece of artwork and use various colorways to enhance that design. BUT to the common shopper, we sometimes scratch our heads wondering, “What will I wear with it?”

Enter Design Seeds for Fashion!

This will BLOW YOUR MIND! Now, we have the ability to create a color palette based on one article of clothing. We can pull the colors right out of the photo to help you find the colors that will match. Check out some of these amazing color palettes, all created with LuLaRoe clothing!

I’ve even taken a few items from my current inventory and found some very interesting color combinations.

Color can be intimidating, but NO MORE! Step out of your plain black t-shirt and slip into something vibrant. Afterall, Life is too short to wear boring clothes!

Let me help you find the perfect color combination!

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