Instructions: Remove Yahoo Mail account

If you no longer need your Yahoo Mail account, you can delete it with a few clicks. Network World shows you the steps required and explains what data will be deleted, as well.

Deleting the Yahoo Mail account is connected to the simultaneous deletion of your Yahoo ID. Here are all the account information and the settings for the services Yahoo Mail, Yahoo Address Book, GeoCities, Yahoo Map, My Yahoo, Yahoo Groups, Finance Portfolio, and your Yahoo ID coupled to the Flickr account deleted. Deleting the Yahoo mail account alone is not possible, the deletion can not be undone also.

Preparation: data backup and delete

To prevent data loss, back up your important emails, contacts, and files that you store on Yahoo and its services, to your hard disk. To as little data as possible on the servers of the mailer to leave, is also recommended the subsequent deletion of data from the web interfaces. If you are a paid subscriber to premium services, please order on your account using the “Yahoo account information” from> “Overview” before deleting the account.

Note: Yahoo provides information in the guidelines for data protection that belongs to your Yahoo ID data for legal reasons, initially only blocked and will not be deleted after about three months of the Yahoo servers. Only then you can also have the same Yahoo ID register again.

Instructions: Remove Yahoo Mail account

To delete your Yahoo account, you need to call its own delete Web page that can be found in the links on the right of the email page. On this sign in with your Yahoo ID and password. In the next screen you will a link to delete Yahoo ID and recent evidence on the consequences of the deletion.

To delete your account, scroll to the bottom and tap again to enter your password and security code below it. After clicking on the “Yes, delete account now” confirmed the result screen to delete the account.

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