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The creation of a free Yahoo Mail accounts is quite easy. With a few clicks you import existing contacts , the allowable attachment size and use your new Yahoo account with desktop programs such as Microsoft Outlook or Mozilla Thunderbird. On net world you will already find a test of Yahoo Mail .


To create a Yahoo account, first tapping your personal data such as name and date of birth on the Yahoo mail registration page. We’ll then give Yahoo a few suggestions for your possible e-mail address. You can also type in your own wish-address and choose between different endings (for states) for example . Whether your desired address is still available, you will learn by clicking on “Check”.

Then enter your desired password. Whose security is displayed when you type. Now enter, enter the code given at the end of the page and click “Create Account”. The next screen displays a summary of your input. To keep the volume of junk mail manageable, you should remove the check mark displayed prior to clicking “Next”.

Note: If you forget or lose your Yahoo password, you can enter a different email address, will be sent to in case of need a new one or you can by answering personal security questions to prove your identity.

Import contacts

New contacts in the address book of the mailer to enter, click on the “Contacts” and the “Add New Contact”. To import contacts from Facebook, Gmail, or Hotmail, Windows, go to the “Contacts” tab “Import Contacts” on the appropriate button and the following window. Other services such as or CSV and VCF contact files from Outlook or Apple Mail bind a by clicking on “Other” in Yahoo.

Create Folder

How to create folders keep order in your inbox. Just click in the left sidebar, click the plus sign after the item “folder” and give the folder a name. A click on the arrow in front of “folders” shows your created folder. Received e-mails, you can now simply drag the desired folder.

Settings: signatures, filters, other accounts and disposable address

Click top left “options” and “Mail Options” to your Yahoo Mail account set up. Here you will find buttons for creating signatures that are attached to your e-mails, set up filters that allow you to set rules for specific senders, and to create a so-called disposable address, which can be specified in place of your actual Yahoo address.

Yahoo Mail Options

On the sidebar of the Mail Options there are various settings such as filter and Signature.

Under “Account” you can use to create a second email address, but also integrate existing accounts from other providers. To be able to receive their emails and answer directly from Yahoo! Mail. “Add Account” by clicking on the bar above the display area, you can enter the data of your other account.

Applications: Large attachments, online storage and social networking

Under the bar entry “applications” are small extras that you can use your Yahoo account expand free. With Yahoo Mail, you can send attachments up to 25 megabytes via email. To attach files up to 100 megabytes of e-mails, click on the “Attach Large Files” and in the new window, click “OK”. About the bar entry upload larger files, which are then automatically attached to a new e-mail.

Under the entry “My hard drive” You can put a one gigabyte, free online storage for your Yahoo account. You must log in to Yahoo Mail at ZumoDrive, the service is similar to the Dropbox. On uploaded files, you can either directly access the world from your account or from any computer. Yahoo Mail can also be the center of your social networks. Twitter, Facebook and bind either the sidebar and use Sobee or via the Updates tab.

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