A Field Guide to Adult Hip-Hop Dance Classes in Los Angeles. For beginners to professional dancers. Explore new classes and dance studios!...

About the Instructors Section

Right now we’ll be adding mainly substitute instructors.

By showcasing instructors’ teaching talents, perspectives, and approaches to dance—in addition to experience and choreography—we aim to connect the dancers and dance teachers with the most to offer each other.

As we’e getting started, we’ll be focusing mostly on adding class descriptions rather than instructor profiles.However, we want to start adding profiles for subs.We love subs. You bring surprises and variety to our dance life, and we’re all about that!

If you currently substitute teach adult classes in hip hop or jazz funk but don’t have a regular class that’s open to adults, and you’d like to offer our readers details on your style, teaching approach, etc., let us know! (See our Classes section for examples of what we’re interested in.)

Once we learn about what you have to offer, we’ll set up a profile with a link to your YouTube channel (if you have one) and an article about your teaching. Then we can send dancers a link when we spread the word about a class you’re subbing.

Harout Aristakessian

Harout Aristakessian’s classes are enlivened by his spontaneous creativity, nonjudgmental attitude, and encouragement of personality in students’ styling of the dance. Passionate about the value of self-expression, Harout has a gift for creating a space for dancers to release their…

Isaac Tualaulelei

With a patient teaching style and strong rapport with his students, Isaac Tualaulelei strives to challenge dancers without overwhelming them. Class members say they love learning his groovy style, so different from L.A. hip hop. To keep them on their toes, Isaac switches up his choreography…

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