Int/Adv Hip Hop with Lindsay Blue

Lindsay Blue’s Int/Adv Hip Hop Class: Based in old-school hip hop, Lindsay’s choreography incorporates a sexy, feminine vibe and current moves....

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Int/Adv Hip Hop

Taking Class

Lindsay Blue’s smooth style, brought with her to Los Angeles from Portland, OR, blends crisp, athletic elements of old-school hip hop with current moves and a sexy feminine energy.

Lindsay can readily translate between styles, and is a welcoming teacher for the dancer whose strength is jazz or ballet. InInt/AdvHip Hop, she challenges dancers to not only pick up choreography at a fast pace, but master technique and develop as performers.

Classical Technique Meets Hip Hop

In addition to old-school hip hop, Lindsay is trained in styles including tap, jazz, modern, and ballet. She refers to technical movements from ballet and other styles when she teaches.

Lindsay’s goal is for students to increase their skills
over time, not just learn a series of routines.

Some of you may be thinking, “Ballet?!”

But ballet is a strong foundation for proper body placement and efficient movement. Lindsay still takes ballet class, and the hip-hop dance company she belongs to often begins rehearsal with exercises at the barre.

The movements in her choreography are nothing like what you’d see in ballet, Lindsay says, but the muscles you’re using are the same. Once they understand what she’s looking for, students can adapt the movement to hip hop.

Dimensions of Performance

Lindsay feels it’s essential for her intermediate/advanced students to develop as performers. When they get on stage, she expects them go beyond doing the steps.

In her class, dancers learn about musicality, energy, and playing a character. Lindsay wants students to match the style in which they execute their movements to the feeling of the music and the dance, and let the dance come alive through their facial expressions.

Attention to Progress

Lindsay’s greatest reward is to see her students’ dancing improve. Her goal is for them to increase their skills over time, not just learn a series of routines.

That’s your responsibility as a teacher, Lindsay says. It’s your job to train dancers properly. It’s not about you and yourchoreo.

“I know my students are improving,” Lindsay says with pride, “because I watchthem.

Dancers in Training

For Int/Adv Hip Hop, Lindsay desires a student who’s focused. Many members of this class have professional aspirations in dance. Lindsay doesn’t expect perfection, but she wants to see her students really work toward their goals.

And her students are some of the more disciplined dancers we’ve seen. This class takes water breaks so quick, you could blink and miss them! When she arrives, Lindsay often sees people who got to class early practicing together.

As the end of an in-class rehearsal approached, Lindsay still held her students accountable to hit their lines and perform her athletic, high-energy choreography as intended.

“Even if you’re tired,she told her dancers, “I don’t want the movements sloppy!

Lindsay switches up musical and stylistic elements in her routines to provide variety. Often, the class does some moderately challenging floor work; you may be sliding on the floor, flipping from the floor to your feet, and more.

This is an age 13+ class, but some of the students have just graduated from high school or are in college. It’s an appropriate place for an adult dancer with a high level of skill and motivation.

Int/Adv Hip Hop

Class in Brief

Lindsay Blue’s Int/Adv Hip Hop is a fast-paced teen/adult class suitable for the pre-professional dancer. Lindsay’s smooth style mixes current elements with the clean moves and athleticism of old-school hip hop.

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