IPV 4 100W

Pioneer4You makes a popular series of variable watt mods called the IPV. These include the Mini and Mini 2 (30W and 70W mods) but also a next-level device for competitive cloud chasers: the 100W. If you are considering purchasing a device of this kind, read the following article.

Pioneer4You might have just the thing. Generally speaking, Pioneer4You gets great reviews from customers and judging by how quickly their units sell, new customers should feel safe entrusting their money with products like the IPV as long as they are genuine.

Ridged for Grip

Like the IPV Mini, an IPV 4 100W takes a shape somewhere between a tube and a box. Available in silver, you won’t really be looking at the color as much as the utilitarian features of Pioneer4You’s design. A panel of ridges enhances your grip on this affordable but highly capable machine.

Passionate Vaping

A 30W mod provides plenty of power for the majority of advanced e cig users vaping even gourmet liquid. Most vapers would not even want to touch something that powerful, so the 70W must seem like a tool for extreme vaping in the eyes of many consumers who love electronic cigarettes. But if you get into the hobby of vaping, you start to see the relationship between watts and resistance in a new light and a fascination can take hold.

Instead of vaping as an alternative to smoking tobacco, the consumer vapes as a new hobby which revolves around finding the perfect watt-resistance combination with the best juices to create slight increases in vapor production and warmth.

Little differences between flavors, brands of e liquid flavors, and propylene glycol/vegetable glycerin ratios show up on a discerning palate the way tiny variations in flavor are apparent to devotees of chocolate, wine, or coffee.

An entire e liquid field is devoted to producing e juice for sub-ohm vaping. Now a 100W is not just a toy but an essential tool in a pleasurable experiment.

Vaping Power Spec

The IPV 4 100W by Pioneer4You is so named because it is version 4 of the IPV and provides 100W maximum power to a low of 5 watts. Adjust volts from 1 to 7.5 if you are not letting the YiHi microchip do that.

Select an atomizer with as little resistance as 0.1 ohms, being sure to check it independently with a meter before fastening it to the IPV 4. Your chip will still read resistance, but it is good to double check these values when temperatures can rise to 580F.

Use two 18650 batteries to achieve your power expectations. They don’t have to come out: you can charge them with the pass-through function.

Like other IPVs, a Yihi Chip has been installed to control and protect your expensive device from operator or manufacturer error.

Common difficulties include an overcharge or too little charge from the battery. Too-low resistance can cause a short circuit. Putting your battery in backwards could also cause an inferior mod to short, but your 100W mod will simply shut-off automatically when it faces any of these technical foes.

Threading on the Atomizer

Select a 510-threaded atty, possibly an RDA (this thing is big enough to accommodate the larger ones designed for huge mods), but maybe a tank atty. New sub-ohm devices by the likes of Kanger and Joye provide vapers with the option to vape at sub-ohms using a glass tank and a brand they are familiar with.

After all, just because you can doesn’t mean you have to vape at 0.1 ohms all day, every day. Pioneer4You makes it easy to attach almost any atomizer which will look right on this box, thanks to the floating pin on the company’s redesigned device. Consumers spoke out about their last version; the manufacturer listened. They made improvements, including the addition of more power.

Where to Buy the IPV 4 100W

Right now, you won’t be purchasing the Pioneer4You IPV 4 100W anywhere: it is sold out. Customers have placed their orders and joined waiting lists, hoping that Pioneer4You will get the next batch out to their distributors quickly. Buy one for about $95 when it finally hits shelves.

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