IPV 50 Watt By Pioneer

Box mods are a revelation for e cig users. For half a decade they have been grappling with the idea that their electronic vaping device should look something like a cigarette or at least a cigar.

Even if the colors are no longer authentic, there seems to have been this psychological boundary insisting such a device at least take the form of a cylinder, perhaps an ellipse, and sometimes a pillar, but never a box. No, the box shape would not do for a former smoker. None of their previous nicotine delivery systems featured such dimensions.

*Update* The latest version (IPV 2X) is 60 watts

As these companies like Pioneer4you keep up with the industry, they are continuallu increasing the power of these vape devices.

Box Mods

But, when cigarettes, pipes, and cigars were invented, there was no such thing as an iPod or a cell phone either. Those are rectangular. Their dimensions have become natural in the hands of millions of consumers, so the box mod is a natural extension of this technology. The IPV 50 Watt Box Mod by Pioneer is one such device.

Varying Wattage

You have probably noticed that most e cigs offering variable anything provide adjustable voltage. The cheapest such devices are spinner or twist batteries with knobs on their ends and no display. You can adjust from perhaps 3.2 volts to 4.8 volts: a limited range, but enough to increase or decrease the temperature and also to regulate battery output. High-tech versions provide a digital display and button-controlled adjustment, but variable wattage adjustment is relatively new.

The IPV gives you not only wattage control but to such an extent: 50 watts maximum. The usual maximum is less than half that. Yet, for only $90 you can own this device from Pioneer and take full control of your experience. Once wattage is selected, an internal chip sets the correct voltage automatically according to atomizer resistance which the chip also detects.

Battery Protection

Spinners and Twists do not protect your batteries, but the IPV’s built-in chip does it again, defending the battery against simple and typical problems. These include damage caused by putting the negative end of the battery into the positive side. In some items this wouldn’t be a big deal; in e cigs it can end the life of cheap units. You will not suffer potentially expensive consequences from over-charge, short-circuit, or low voltage. It’s possible to use a sub-ohm atomizer, but dropping below that level could kill some e cigs: not this one.

Sub-Ohm Compatibility

Sub-ohms are like solid gold to cloud-chasing vapers. The lower atomizer resistance they can get away with, the hotter their vapor (and the thicker their clouds) can become. Consequently, when they see that a box mod accepts resistance down to 0.2 ohms, vapers get excited.

Separate Battery

You will need an 18650 battery to use your IPV 50W Box Mod which will supply two days of vaping before it has to be recharged. These are sold separately, although certain firms might sell the IPV as a package with the battery included.

You won’t mind the extra price of a battery since, in spite of its features, an IPV costs less than many similar devices. It’s even possible to improve the software at a later date, upgrading the chip to accept whatever new vaping technology has yet to be released.

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