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IPV is a brand put out by Pioneer4You, makers of high-watt vape mods. The IPV mini is onto its second version, an upgrade to its slim and sexy original. Learn more about this Chinese favorite Variable Watt mod right here, including details about its power, safety features, and where to buy them.

Not a Box or a Tube: Something in-between

Box mods look the same after a while, even if they come in assorted shades of purple, pink, and blue. What consumers need are some different shapes which feel right in their hands and don’t look industrial. The IPV Mini by Pioneer4You satisfies the desire for fewer sharp corners without looking any less sharp overall.

The case is slim with one geometric side seeming to promise the same old rectangle. Then you turn it around and see the rounded second side. This gives the IPV Mini an up-to-date appearance but also a comfortable shape. Imagine holding this as opposed to a box: you will like what Pioneer4You did with their design.

Power Spec

The original mini reaches 30W, which is ample for most vapers, and even for experienced, advanced, serious modders. They just want their clouds to be thick and rich but are not measuring them.

With a low of 5W, this doesn’t have to be a sub-ohm vaping unit either. Adjust between 3 volts and 8 volts or let the Mini choose voltage for you after it detects your atomizer’s resistance and you have set watts to your liking. Install an 18650 battery which, by the way, can be removed for charging while you insert a fresh battery and your puffing barely loses a beat.

Threading and Compatibility

Choose any 510-threaded atomizer, preferably one with a moderate profile like a Kanger Aerotank or Protank 3, not a huge RDA for big mechanical devices. Those monsters will look out of place on such an elegant piece of machinery. A floating pin allows any atomizer to sit naturally in its place. You will find this machine user-friendly in spite of its advanced components.

Built-in Computer

It’s not like your mod is powered by the world’s tiniest laptop, but the minuscule chips placed inside variable watt mods are amazing products. They control a display screen, allow you to change voltage or watts, read ohms, and protect against mishaps and carelessness.

If you put your battery in with the negative and positive ends mixed up, your IPV Mini will not blow up. It just won’t turn on and a message will appear on your screen.

If your voltage is too high or low or the resistance is too low, the Mini will also cease to work and tell you to make adjustments.

The dangers of high voltage or low ohms are very real when you start messing around with advanced atomizers and vaporizers. With or without a monitor, vapers still need to be cautious.

The Mini Upgraded

Pioneer4You upgraded their IPV Mini with a Version 2 capable of 70W. If the 30W version seemed to provide a lot of power, consider it your practice model for the 70W.

This more powerful version of the Mini comes with many of the same features. It is a pass-through device, meaning you do not have to take out the battery to charge it and you can keep vaping while it recharges. That spring-loaded pin is still there to accept all sorts of atomizers to its 510 threading.

Switch from a 3-ohm atomizer to a 2-ohm, all the way to 0.2 ohms of coil you will probably have to wrap unless your local vape store does that sort of thing for you. A low of 0.2 ohms is close to nothing at all which is why shorted-circuit protection is part of the defense package on an IPV Mini V2 by Pioneer4You.

Where to Buy the IPV Mini Original and V2

The IPV Mini in either format tends to sell out quickly: you have to act fast to snap one up in any of its several available colors. Vape vendors carry these for a minimum of $50 (the original Mini) and up to $100 for the 70W.

Online companies that sell the Mini either list it as one of their most advanced devices if they provide mostly intermediate gear, or as one of the least powerful items in a catalogue listing 150W boxes and mechanical mods priced $200.

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