iPV3 150W

iPV3 150W

Pioneer4You has engineered a high volt mod that exceeds expectations and challenges abilities: the iPV 3.

Their talented R&D department is meeting client’s desires, but are clients really ready for what the iPV 3 can do or were their eyes bigger than their stomachs? The only way to find out is to fire up this deceptively simple looking box.

Simple Setup

The iPV 3 comes in black or silver without batteries. You buy two 18650 cells and use a screwdriver provided with the mod to insert or remove them later for charging. There is no way to charge the batteries when they are inside this iPV 3 150W device, which some people would consider a disadvantage: there is no pass-thru function. I would say it is better to replace dead cells with recharged ones and vape wherever you want.

Nothing else is missing that you might have been looking for. A screen less than 0.7″ long sits between two buttons: one to turn your device on and off and to fire it up for vaping; one each for turning volts and watts up or down. All buttons are circles of the same size.

Electronics of the iPV 3 150W

P4Y chose Yihi smart chips for their VW box mods, including this one. The Yihi chip allows vapers to operate the iPV 3 at between 1 and 7 volts and as few as 7 watts but as many as 150 watts. The chip will also detect ohms and accommodates coils wrapped to 0.1 ohms or up to 3 ohms. Output is 30A.

Smart chips can be removed from box mods. With the iPV 3, it is possible to upgrade eventually when Yihi releases a 200W chip.

Reaching 150W is partly the consumer’s responsibility; his atomizer resistance must drop below 0.33 ohms according to one sales site. If you did not know that before spending $120 on the box and were unable to reach 150W without assistance, that might have been a frustrating experience if your atomizer was too high.

Adjustable Pin

There is a spring-loaded, adjustable 510 pin in the threading console for your atomizer so that almost any atomizer will fit here. Not only will it thread into place completely but it will sit flush with the top of the box.

Defensive Details

Some of the dangers of running a high-watt box mod include shorting your circuit with low voltage, overheating the mod by running at high temperatures for too long, low voltage, or putting a battery in backwards. These mistakes (or sometimes malfunctions) can ruin the internal parts of a mod so it no longer functions or can even burn its owner.

Mistakes can be made by a careless or distracted vaper. The screen could display the wrong values (which is why double-checking periodically with a meter is advisable).

The coil you buy to wrap around the posts of your RDA could be faulty or there might be something wrong with the batteries. Your atty-wrapping skills could need work. In any case, the iPV 3 protects itself and its user against all of these possible issues. It will turn off or alert you to the problem.

Buying the Box

This 95% efficient machine by Pioneer4You is sought after by so many consumers that stock is running low, but you can buy it for about $120.

With an RDA and batteries, the entire cost will be around $200. Pioneer4You includes a USB cable and a screwdriver with their kit.

Purchase an RDA like the Nucleus (authentic or EHPro Clone), the Pontius RDA/Tank by EHPro, or a Stillare V2 RDA. For high watts and really low ohms, your best results come from an RDA as long as you drip fabulous juice onto the deck like Space Jam, Charlie Noble, or King’s Crown.

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