Iran closes closes all public events – COVID

Public events and schools have been closed in Iran, as the virus reaches of most provinces. The authorities did not take care of America....

Iran is taking further measures to combat the spread of coronavirus by temporary closure of schools, universities and other educational centers, the cancellation of the concerts, sports events and other large public events, reported state media on Thursday.

The Minister of health said nakami Shrine, said at a press conference that the government will encourage people to reduce use of paper money and what will be established checkpoints to restrict travel between major cities, the Associated Press reports.

Iran was among countries most affected by the outbreak, and the number of victims is growing at a steady pace. On Thursday, officials reported that 107 people were killed and 3513 were infected, news agencies reported.

US official said on Thursday that Iran has refused American help in the fight against the virus, although he did not specify what assistance was offered and when. Relations between the two countries in recent years have been unusually hostile.

“We know that in their system there are gaps, health gaps, and we offered to help eliminate them,” he told reporters in Paris, the special representative of State Department on Iran’s Brian hook.

Mr. nakami Shrine said that Iran is introducing a national plan of mobilization in places where the virus is spreading most rapidly, and that it will be expanded in the coming days, according to state news Agency IRNA.

President Hassan Rouhani in a statement issued Wednesday, said that the coronavirus has affected almost all provinces in the country.

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