iTaste MVP 20W

Innokin has recently upgraded from their popular iTaste MVP 2.0 which looked much like this device but reflected changes that were needed.

In particular, Innokin chose to keep up with the fashion of offering high-watt adjustment. Now you can go as far as 20 watts or 7.5 volts and as low as 0.5 ohms.

In the past, you could only vape at a low of 0.8 ohms resistance which was plenty low at the time. Now the scene has changed. Vapers have grown to like their clouds thicker and their vapor warmer.

New iTaste MVP 20W

Innokin has manufactured e cigs and related products since 2011: that is 4 years of studying the market, surveying customer’s needs and desires, and improving on their existing technology. They regularly release some new device like the DVR, Lily, CLK, etc.

The Innokin iTaste MVP 20W features some of the same elements as its predecessor: a built-in battery, screen, control buttons, LED light indicators, and pass-through capacity. Again, consumers buy a dual-purpose mod: one-part vaping device, one-part portable charging bank. Use this to recharge your cell phone or another e cig if the nearest USB port is miles away.

New aspects include the greater power and lower ohm capacity vapers have come to expect from advanced personal vaporizers. You will also see some slight changes to the design: this time, it is just cleaner all over. That built-in 2600-mAh battery takes about 2.5 hours to charge, but that does not matter when you can vape at the same time.

Protection for your Investment

The MVP 20W protects customers from typical troubles, like a shorted circuit. So as not to destroy your atomizer, the box will simply shut off. If the battery over-discharges, the box behaves the same way. Various messages come up on the 3-digit menu to tell you what is happening. You get a low volt warning if the battery has reached 3.3 volts.

Memorable Device

Not only is the Innokin iTaste MVP 20W memorable, but it possesses a memory of its own. Set up vaping at a certain value before switching off, and the next time you turn on the iTaste MVP it remembers where you were at. That saves you trying to remember what settings worked so well with your e juice the day before or which ones were unsuccessful if your session ended on a sour note.

Adjust Power

The square power button is positioned at the top center with symmetrical accuracy that is pleasing to the eye and placed next to muted, dignified colors. No doubt Innokin will release some skins for this mod as they did with Version 2.0.

The screen and adjustment buttons are gathered in a neat pile at the bottom-left along one side. Those buttons are very small, situated right under a rectangular display. Not only will the screen show you how many volts or watts you are operating at and resistance in ohms, but also how many puffs you have taken during a session, in case you are curious.

Battery Charge Indicator

Instead of showing a little battery icon on that tiny screen, Innokin opted for LED light-indicators. This same format is used in many other devices made by Innokin because it is simple and effective. Instead of watching for a flashing rhythm, just notice the color. A green light shows your battery is fully or almost fully charged. A yellow light indicates that the charge is around half. When the light switches to red, you have to charge it up pronto.

Purchase the Innokin iTaste MVP 3.0

Right now you can expect to pay around $60 for the box without any extras and as much as $80. Version 2.0 is listed at a discounted price by a number of vendors to make room for Version 3.0 and either one would be great value for a post-intermediate vaper not ready for or interested in 50W vaping. The higher-priced listings might include a tank, but iClear clearomizers are reasonably priced if you buy them independently. They look beautiful on the MVP.

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