IWA 2018

The offer of the IWA outdoor classics is once again huge. Here is a selection of news …

Weapons and ammunition

Mauser M18

The Isnyer weapons, Bauer presents its brand-new bolt-action rifle M18.

A full steel construction with solid, Three-lug locking mechanism, a cold hammer forged barrel, and a silently operated, 3-position-Sear-backup characterise the new “people’s rifle”. In addition, the M-18 has an adjustable trigger, Soft Grip Inlays on pistol grip and forend, and a detachable, double-row, 5-shot magazine. The butt plate of the M18 is removable. The interior can be used as a storage space.

The new M 18 costs 895 € and is currently in the calibers .308 and .30-06. Starting in July, and then in 243 Win., .270 Win., Magnum: 7 mm Rem. and .300 Win.

Walther PPQ M2 in the Subcompact Format

The Walther PPQ M2 is now in the Subcompact Format.

The handy << SC >> is compared to the Compact model PPQ M2 4“ 13 mm shorter, 25 mm lower, and 104 g lighter. New the closed outer contour of the closure: extractor and other moving small parts are protected in the Interior of the closure.

In the scope of delivery includes two 10-round magazines (with or without extension), a 15-shot-magazine-plus grip extension, as well as a PS-metal sights are included.


Of course, we’ve been looking at the new exhibition in the Albrecht kind GmbH. Brand new from the Ruger armorers and now at AKAH: The Ruger Precision Rimfire

The System includes 4 butt plates and 5 cheek piece attachments in various sizes.

The Buttplate spacers can be combined with each other. With 10 models (including 110 Scout or 110 Predator in .308 Win) offers Savage Arms, the AccuFit-Schaftvollverstellung already. A length adjustment is at the 3 other models (e.g. 110 Hog Hunter), the 110 series.

Savage Model 110 bolt-action rifles with AccuFit shaft System

The new shaft System “Accufit” model 110 Savage Arms offers maximum flexibility and ergonomics! The shaft is adjustable in height and length to the individual needs of the shooter. The removal of 2 cross-slot screws can be adjusted by inserting the matching cheek piece and spacer height and length of the shaft.

The Ruger Precision Rifle is now also available in a small-caliber Version. Features: Adjustable shaft with Ruger AR-Pattern
Pistol grip. Adjustable Ruger Marksman™ Trigger. Cold hammer forged 18″ Target barrel,10-shot magazine, large ball bolt handle, Picatinny Rail, and a 15″ M-LOK hand guard. Caliber .22 l. r.

Call free of obli. Price: € 699,00



Compact and lightweight making it perfect for your next hunting trip! Your LTO-Tracker shows you the heat signatures of Wild, blood traces, and much more during the day and night. The new LTO-Tracker and Tracker HD should include exactly how a rangefinder, binoculars and a good knife for your basic equipment.

The Leupold thermal imaging optics LTO-Quest™ is a portable, powerful thermal imaging optics, camera and a 300 Lumen flashlight in one. With this device you can detect heat signatures at 275 m, which may at the time of tracking or Stalking the big difference. With the LTO Quest™ HD, you are able to look once more into the darkness and even take photos and store.

LTO Tracker HD (SRP 1.349,-)
LTO Quest (RRP 669,-)
LTO Quest HD (UVP 999,-)

RECKNAGEL presents the next Generation of silencers

Only a year after the market launch of the ERA®-Silencer SOB1 recknagel at the IWA 2018 the series SOB2. Here, too, it is again a telescopic silencer, but it has been pushed compared to the SOB1 a little further over the barrel. As a result, the run is extended to only about 10 cm. The result: improved responsiveness and better Balance with almost the same damping performance! In addition, this damper can be disassembled and with the help of different threads on multiple weapons of the same caliber and different mouth use threads.

New AKAH: 3M EAR Gehörstüpsel “Switch Protection”

Ear plugs made of soft plastic to change the “normal protection mode” to a “higher mindfulness mode” by means of a rocker switch. Thus, it is possible to communicate with other Protect as well as to listen to potential dangers and warning signs.

In both modes of the hearing protection is guaranteed at any time, without restrictions. With the patented ISL*-acoustic filter that can be used to protect against impulse noise peaks of up to 160dB.

As a Set with 3 different plug sizes for the optimum fit.
Call free of obli. Recommended price: € 39,00

Us: hearing protection model LADY hunting

The Us device model Lady hunting is designed for the female head. Design: cap in green – sold in moss green/pink The female ear is significantly better protected.

 The price is 289,00 Euro

Sharp new products from Boker:

Boker Plus Outdoorsman XL (Ges. 24.1 cm. Kl. 11.3 cm. Thickness 4.3 mm. Wt. 223 g) price: 69,95 Euro

Boker hunting knife Mono CPM (Ges. 19.5 cm. Kl. 8.9 cm. Thickness 3.5 mm. Wt. 130 g.) price: 189,95 Euro

Böker Scout Lightweight (Ges. 18.5 cm. Kl. 8 cm. Thickness 3 mm) Available in the versions Böker Scout Lightweight Olive Böker Scout Lightweight Cocobolo. Price: 139,95 EUR

Boker Damascus annual knife 2018 (Limited to 999 copies) (Ges. 19.6 cm. Kl. 8.4 cm. Thickness 4 mm. Wt. 109 g.) price: 289 Euro.

Ballistol introduces a new weapon-part of some as well as a weapons care Travel Kit.

The new weapons part of is to some a special cleaner without acetone, of all the weapons in the parts of old grease, resinified Oils, dirt, dust, etc. cleans without damaging materials, yet not lose any hair, etc. High pressure achieves an optimal rinsing effect. The practical brush attachment supports the cleaning performance of the pleasant smell and no residue, ablüftenden cleaner.

The gun care kit for on-the-go contains multi-part cleaning rod, cloth, a brush and felting for various calibers, the ceramic gun oil GunCer, the Ballistol barrel cleaner and Ballistol universal oil, etc. in the pocket format.

Snap Shot Limited 5.0 S Wild Camera

With the SnapShot Limited 5.0 S IR surveillance camera promises Dörr practical functions and features for a discreet and reliable Surveillance, day and night: a Compact, weather-resistant housing protected to IP54, and low power consumption, easy setting with clear menu guidance (multilingual), Version “Black” with absolutely invisible infrared flash

SnapShot Limited 5.0 S RRP: 69,00 Euro
SnapShot Limited Black 5.0 S RRP: 79,00 Euro

New from Hornady: HORNADY demilitarisation hammer

Please refer to the damage bullets out of ammo without you. The projectile and propellant charge means to be trapped in the Hammer. Three different clamp inserts included allow the Delaborieren of cartridges in caliber .22 up to .45.

SRP: 23,95 Euro

The VacuFresh offers COMET , a “drawer” Version for vacuum packing of fresh products – optically and technically perfectly integrated in the kitchen. If the VacuFresh not taken into account in the planning of the kitchen or kitchen appliances, it can be easily retrofitted.

VACUUM-INSULATED flask: GSI MICROLITE 1000 TWIST GSI Outdoors extended to March 2018 to its range Microlite 1000 Twist – an ultra-lightweight, vacuum-insulated flask in stainless steel. Only weighs 370 grams on the scale.

The leak-proof lid has a handy Twist-in screw clasp and is internally lined with stainless steel. A Ring fixed to the lid on the bottle neck. Using the cover flap to the bottle can also be attached on the backpack. With a capacity of just a Liter of the Microlite deletes 1000 Twist also great thirst. For those who like it handy to get the bottle in 500 or 720 milliliters.

SRP 39,95 Euro

Now it gets light: the Fenix TK72R flashlight with max. 9,000 lumens

The Fenix TK72R is a Micro-USB Port rechargeable flashlight. In addition, you have an additional USB port. It is equipped with a built-in OLED display. Thus, they are always over the remaining life of the battery performance and the current performance. The brightness can be infinitely adjusted.

The price: from 329,90 Euro

EISELE‘s newbie in the gun case segment

Good protection for your riflescope on long – Distance and air travel can be so easy. You take with the new ZF case your aim the telescope easily into hand Luggage.

With a curb weight of around 1.1 kg, you get a compact transport solution with Maximum stability and safety. Customized and customizable protect the ZF case your glass optimally. Made of solid aluminum.

NEXTORCH® Saint Torch 30

The Saint Torch 30 is an ultra-bright, very compact searchlight. Equipped with 3 PCs Original CREE™ XHP 50B LEDs provides up to 105 – 5600 ANSI lumens.

Thanks to this enormous luminosity of these pocket lights tested lamp ANSI(!) 480 meters wide.

The patented switch system in the SAINT TORCH 30 is particularly easy to by Clicking and tapping to operate.

The 4 × 2600 mAh (14.8 V) battery pack from the lamp are separated and separately as a Powerbank to be used.

Flashlight and Powerbank are IPX7 100% waterproof and dustproof as well as shockproof.

Two screw caps of this flashlight can be built to a water tight container, e.g., for emergency medicine.

The basic price is 269,00 Euro.


Pictures say more than thousand words: here are the Swedteam-news:


Steiner optics provides the M7Xi IFS or M8Xi IFS in the area of the target optical system, a real Innovation. The scopes include a built-in ballistics computer with environmental sensors (temperature, air pressure, inclination, wind drift) and determine the point of impact of the projectile in real time. The tower spins are displayed in real time on the Display. This also has a tilting display. The Display is freely configurable and elements can be located via a Smartphone App, at any time, and hidden.


  • M7Xi 4-28×56 (G2B): 2.899,00 €
  • M7Xi IFS 4-28×56 (G2B): 4.999,00 €
  • M8Xi 1-8×24 (G2B): 2.699,00 €
  • M8Xi IFS 1-8×24 (G2B): 4.799,00 €

Base rail BASE VARIO – Merkel RX.Helix

The home Dentler has the historic anniversary of 120 years of Merkel for its manufacturer partners, a special birthday present ideas and a height – and lateral adjustable base rail BASE VARIO for the Merkel RX.Helix developed.

Dörr presents at the fair its New Milan XP roof prism binoculars series:

Milan XP 8×34 black (price: 199,00 Euro)

Milan XP 8×42 black (price: 239,00 Euro)

Milan XP 10×42 black (price: 239,00 Euro)

Milan XP 10×50 black (price: 289,00 Euro)

Milan XP 12×50 black (price: 289,00 Euro)

Milan XP 8×56 black (price: 329,00 Euro)

LIEMKE MERLIN-35 is a multi-functional thermal imaging optics, designed for use as hand-held, helmet-based or optical.

Operated with either 2x CR123 or one 18650 battery, has the look of a continuous operating time of up to 8 hours.

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