Japan confirmed its first death from coronavirus

The first case of death from the coronavirus in Japan on the cruise liner Diamond Princess. On suspicion 44 new person. Just infected with 218....

Some time on Thursday it seemed that there may be some good news from the cruise ship “Diamond Princess” quarantined at the port of Yokohama in Japan, where authorities said that they would release some passengers ashore to finish their two-week trip. quarantine due to the outbreak of coronavirus.

Instead, Japanese officials in the field of health announced the first death from the virus in the country, she was a woman at the age of 80 years in Kanagawa Prefecture, which includes Yokohama. It was also announced 44 new confirmed case of infection on the ship, bringing the total to 218.

Although some passengers will be released early, the number of persons entitled to quarantine, in the open sea, still fairly narrow: citizens aged 80 years and older, who have existing illnesses or are stuck in cabins without Windows or balconies. They can stay in the onshore quarantine institutions before 19 Feb if they have to be negative for the coronavirus. Those citizens, whose result was positive, will be delivered in the nearest hospitals.

According to the document circulated in several embassies by the Ministry of foreign Affairs of Japan and reviewed by The New York Times, the Japanese government is discussing plans to conduct tests for the coronavirus to people on Board the ship tranches to determine whether you can bring in more citizens ashore. Some passengers are calling for the inspection of all on Board, whichthe government called inappropriate.

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