JoyeTech EGrip

I can’t help it: there is no other word for the JoyeTech eGrip besides “cute.” I don’t know how designers feel about that. Do they cringe, wishing I had applied a word such as “butch” or “sexy?”

How can I when this 20W mod measures less than 4″ long with the atomizer attached? Even someone with small hands could close her fingers around JoyeTech’s latest design and cover the mod completely with her fingers.

All Inclusive Mod

Not only is the JoyeTech eGrip cute, but it is also convenient. Even eGos and other e cigs are not made to hold a battery and e liquid in one go. JoyeTech didn’t do it first; there have been American prototypes costing two or three times more.

The thing is, Chinese manufacturers like JoyeTech can do it for less, have had a chance to hone the technology, and their model still manages to hold 3.6 ml of liquid plus a 1500-mAh battery.

That’s right: e liquid is dripped through a hole accessed by removing the top cover.

A mouthpiece is included and everything. Apart from your selection of e liquid, all the other thinking has been done for you.

Selecting E Liquid

While atomizer resistance isn’t terribly low and you can’t chase clouds with the eGrip, it is possible to get the best out of some very complex gourmet liquids. I would argue you could justify investing in great flavors which perform well at a full 20W like Cosmic Fog, The Standard, Vapor Chef, and Velvet Vapor. Pay attention as layers of flavor unfold in ways your regular eGo couldn’t accomplish.

Choosing Watts

Look at the face of your eGrip and to the right is a dial that rotates 360º.

Use this to choose a value between 8 watts and 20 watts. Atomizer resistance is 1.5 ohms built in: you don’t even have to select a tank.

With a tool, you can adjust airflow for a change in the resistance of your draw as well. The atomizer capacity is visible through a narrow window to the left-center below the mouthpiece.

Keep an eye on how much e liquid remains inside the tank. A 1500-mAh battery powers the whole show and can last for two days if you don’t chain-vape.

Good Looking Mod

JoyeTech is offering their eGrip mod in 5 colors: chrome, silver, black, wood, and camouflage. This represents their full range currently although vendors will probably opt to list just two or three of those for around $70 or more. I would not be surprised if there were (or soon will be) eGrip wraps made from silicone in lots of colors and patterns.

An eGrip kit contains the USB charging cable and AC wall adapter, plus two atomizer heads to replace the existing one when it is no longer effective. A starter kit also contains one mouthpiece.

JoyeTech Alternatives

Joye also makes the eVic Supreme vaporizer, eGo batteries, and some lovely tanks. Their eVic APV contains built-in software which monitors vaping habits. You can record puffs, power settings, and other values on the computer for fun.

Their JoyeTech Delta II is a sub-ohm vaping tank worthy of VW mods like the eLeaf iStick 30, Smok 50W, or an Innokin iTaste MVP 20W mod. Even a simple eGo battery complete with compatible clearomizer is a great piece of equipment for new vapers.

JoyeTech Reliability

There are lots of good reasons to buy any authentic product by JoyeTech besides the fact that they are available from many vendors. This reality alone is proof of their reliability. JoyeTech produces excellent e cigs and accessories and has done so for half a decade, continually improving on technology copied by many e cig companies.

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