K-Swiss Tubes Run 100 Running Shoe Review

K-Swiss Tubes The K-Swiss Tubes running shoes represent an entirely different direction that completely goes against classic K-Swiss tradition of conservative styling and lasting durability. With the K-Swiss Run 100, the brand offers a completely new level of cushioned comfort with every step you take. You will love the stylish upper and the way the mid sole exposes the tubes.

The K-Swiss Tubes Run 100 running shoes offer excellent support, traction, comfort and stability. The only downsides could be the reduced durability as the sticky out soles with their excellent traction wear away fast on hard courts. However, the shoe will last just as long as other K-Swiss products when used on other running surfaces.

A closer look at the K-Swiss Tubes

Design features

Innovative cushioning and aggressive styling are what set the K-Swiss Tubes Run 100 apart from other running shoes and make them one of the most attractive options for modern runners and tennis players among others.

They are equipped with a rubber sole that offer’s a soft landing and a more responsive feel when running. The out sole is elaborately designed which not only enhances the shoe’s overall aesthetics, but also increases traction.

The K-Swiss Tubes running shoes feature synthetic uppers, with lots of mesh for proper ventilation and a few soft leather aspects to the design. This combination keeps the shoes durable, while significantly reducing weight. The mesh lets your feet breath and stay cool making it possible to run longer distances without experiencing discomfort.

You will be literally spoiled for choice when it comes to finding the K-Swiss Tubes Run 100 shoes. The shoes are offered in lots of different color combinations across a wide spectrum of colors; do you like loud and bright of subtle and neutral? You will definitely find a color combination that matches your taste regardless.

Comfort and stability

The tubes’ design and material combination provides ample comfort. However, the sole may not provide the best grip on soft, wet surfaces, so you may be better of sticking to the paved roads and trails. The cushioning system however, is one of the first things you will notice about these Tubes.

They consist of Tube like cylinders which do a very good job of absorbing impact as you pound the road. Moreover, the shoe was designed for cross training, so its stability may not be its biggest strong point, but it is flexible and responsive enough to do plyometrics and sprints.

Type of running the shoe is designed for

K-Swiss Tubes Run 100 offer much in the way of quality, comfort and style. They are an all-round shoe that can be used for virtually all types of running. Even if you were on the market for a pair of comfortable stylish shoes for your speed walking sessions, these Tubes also make a great option.

They are reasonably priced and durable, so you do get a lot of value for your money when you purchase a pair of these. Moreover, men and women specific versions of the K-Swiss Tubes running shoes are available, so everyone gets to enjoy them regardless of their gender.

Last thoughts on the K-Swiss Tubes Run 100

The stylish design of these running shoes jumps out at you from the first time you see them. The innovative tubular design in the heel gives you added cushioning while providing enhanced performance abilities. They are extremely comfortable to wear, and if you like to run longer distances your feet will love these shoes. The K-Swiss Tubes Run 100 are a very high quality shoe available at a very reasonable price.

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