Kamry 20W Mini Box

A tendency towards utilitarian forms has made some box mods boring to look at when they could be so much more. Two years ago, maybe even 6 months ago, the standard box shape was novel enough not to elicit a yawn from consumers, but now it has been over-done and we are onto better things. It turns out manufacturers can combine form and function without sacrificing either one. The Kamry 20W Mini Box proves it.

Kamry 20W Mini Box Shape

It is still a rectangular box: we won’t go crazy and talk about the Kamry like it is a work of art or something. What I like about it, however, is that the makers took time to soften its corners and edges so the Kamry 20W Mini Box Mod does not resemble something a sixth-grader would make in science class.

The otherwise simple shape and 20W maximum output keep pricing low at around $30-$40 and Kamry’s mod can be used with equally affordable tanks like the Kanger ProTank or Aspire Atlantis.

Electronic Features of the Kamry 20W Mini Box Mod

You know the maximum output and it is the same as an Innokin iTaste MVP 3.0. Innokin is an equally respected name in the business and both firms hail from Shenzhen in China. There are some major differences, however, between the two firms’ devices.

An Innokin iTaste is a battery bank as well as a mod; thus, it is heavier and costs more. Kamry’s mod is light and performs just one purpose: producing vapor. Kamry’s box mod is much nicer to carry around in a bag or pants pocket.

Voltage range is 4 volts to 8 volts with 10A output and 0.3 to 3 ohms resistance. The Kamry needs just one 18650 battery and is light to hold — excellent features for a portable handheld vaping device you might want to tuck into your pocket. With dimensions of 84.3 mm x 49.2 mm x 23 mm, it is a little wider than the Smok 30W, but the difference is minimal. These are both small mods in a similar range.

Safeguards against the Dangers of Power

History shows that where there is tremendous power, danger is sure to follow. Protecting the vaper is paramount among Kamry’s considerations and they do so by using their built-in chip to prevent little mishaps from causing loss or damage.

The Kamry 20W can tell when your atomizer’s resistance is too low and prevents circuits from shorting. It can detect high temperatures and low voltage.

Any of these problems might destroy your vaporizer, but Kamry does not let that happen. One more thing: the Kamry 20W won’t turn on if you have not attached an atomizer.

On Display

One of the wonders of modern technology is that a little microchip can run a 1″ screen or smaller, displaying numbers and letters small enough to fit but clear enough to read. The OLED screen is bright and readable.

USB Contact

There is a mini USB port on board so you can charge the Kamry while its battery remains inside. Does this mean you can vape at the same time? Check that out: you probably can since most vaporizers oriented thus are also pass-through devices.

Lovely Contrasts

I have come full circle here to discuss aesthetics of Kamry’s box mod once more. Tactile buttons are all silver no matter which of two colors you choose. One option is to choose a simple stainless steel, in which case the buttons blend in. If you select a copper finish, the silver buttons stand out in attractive contrast. The effect is so simple yet stunning.

Kamry Stuns

This Chinese company has become accustomed to stunning consumers with their eye-catching colors and shapes. The Robot Mech series is reminiscent of Transformers and the X series breaks with the simple cylinder. Other Kamry mods display electrifying colors and unusual patterns. The Kamry 20W is conservative by their standards but you can rely on their quality and stock levels: output satisfies demand.

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