Kanger Kbox

Kanger is usually associated with their EVOD line and tanks like the Protank and Aerotank. Consumers don’t think of them when planning to purchase a high-powered mod but often turn to them when buying eGo batteries or 650-mAh starter kits for brand new or intermediate vapers. Kanger has changed up their image with the addition of a Kbox Mod to their expanding catalogue of hardware and accessories.

Typical Boxes

With the advent of box mods and DIY options for handy vaping enthusiasts, an angular box shape became a common site among advanced consumers. To them this was once new since e cigs and mechanical mods are tubular.

They simulate the cigarette shape even when dimensions grow, while e Pipes look like real pipes. Box mods reflected the industry’s and users’ recognition of vaping as something entirely different from smoking. The shape was exciting at first. A box could be long and narrow or almost a square.

Innovators decided the angularity of a box had become boring. They wanted to break away and made changes, some slight and others more obvious. A tiny change would be rounding just the ends and creating an ergonomic grip. A big change would be combining tube and box shapes into something completely different. Several companies have tried that already with great success, and now Kanger follows suit.

Kanger Kbox MOD Review

The Kbox combines both elements into something that is comfortable to hold and interesting to look at.

It’s also made of aluminum, making it sturdy but light. Measuring 20 mm by 40 mm by 89 mm, the Kbox is very small but powerful enough to manage 40W vaping.

Kbox Specs

It is 510 threaded.

The battery is replaceable rather than built in, so you don’t have to use this as a pass-through device or trash it when the cell dies. Just change it up for a new one. By then you might be ready for a completely different mod out of curiosity, but with a price like $30 for the Kbox, saying goodbye to it in a year won’t feel painful.

Enjoy a full day’s charge with the 18650 battery; maybe even a weekend. How long it lasts is dependent on how high you crank up the wattage. The minimum 8 watts won’t tax the battery too much. At 40W you might get 24 hours.

If you are at 40W, be sure to install an atomizer capable of sub-ohms; as low as 0.4. Going higher is fine as your box will automatically set voltage according to detected resistance. Just know what you can do and choose accordingly.

Protective Features

The Kanger Kbox Mod comes with short-circuit and over-current protection. It will shut down if you hold the button down to vape for more than 10 seconds at a time. Turn the device off when you are done by rapidly clicking the button five times.

Advantages and Disadvantages

One downside is that watts are only adjustable in large increments. Many devices permit the user to set watts at increments of 0.5. With the Kbox there are 7 possibilities: 8, 13, 20, 25, 30, 35, and 40 watts. The price for Kanger’s new device, however, is very low: $30. That’s great as an introduction to this format.

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