Kanger SUBOX Mini Starter Kit

Kanger Tech just announced their SUBOX Mini Starter Kit.

This mod looks pretty sharp!

The KBOX is a respectable, simple, and very affordable box mod that they released a couple months ago.

Now it looks like they put some more thought into it, as though the KBOX was just a tease.

The KBOX just had a couple buttons, and the very basics.

Now, it is frustrating to be on a waiting list for anything. At Kanger, they have issued a few of these recently which vendors have passed on to eager customers.

First, there were pre-orders for their Subtank sub-ohm RTA. Then there were pre-orders for the KBox 40W mod.

Now you could be enduring another wait, this time to purchase Kanger’s SUBOX Mini starter kit for about $80 from participating stores.

Contents of a Starter Kit

The SUBOX Mini starter kit will come with a mod, Subtank Mini sub-ohm mod, and an 18650-rated battery. There will also be a sheet of Japanese cotton, screws, a screwdriver, and a USB cable. You will receive the RBA base and 2 coils: 0.5-ohm and 1.5-ohm OCC coils.

How to Work the Kanger SUBOX

This long mod has an on/off switch, OLED black-on-white screen, plus and minus buttons, and a micro-USB port. As usual, plug in your atomizer and choose a wattage value based on the coil you chose.

At 1.5 ohms, you can go with 10 to 26 watts. Using the 0.5-ohm coil, your range is from 15 to 60 watts. A 510 Delrin-insulated drip tip comes with the tank which has been improved to include a new airflow design. Kanger has done well to time the release of this item to virtually coincide with that of the MVP Pro 60W.

Recharge with Pass-Through Technology

People’s views of pass-through vaping differ. Is it better just to take out the old battery and put in a newly charged one?

That way you could vape anywhere, while pass-through technology ties you to a device of some kind. Then again, how many vapers own just one mod? While the SUBOX is recharging, you do not have to use it: you could pull out your trusty EVOD and give cloud-chasing a break.

If this is the device you favor, you won’t mind carrying a battery bank around with you or sitting at your laptop until the cell is replenished. An MVP would do nicely for portable power.

Protective Product

All the usual safeguards and warnings are in place to prevent user-related damage or injury caused by electronic malfunction. These safeguards include short-circuit and over-circuit warning, reverse polarity protection, over-temperature protection, low voltage defense, and a 10-second overtime cut-off.

Style and Design

Images of the Kanger SUBOX do not give me a good impression of its build quality. I see a cheap-looking device in spite of its aqueous ceramic coating; almost like a prototype which has not been fully stylized.

I picture it being touched up one day with additional traces of care and creativity. Although these have nothing to do with accuracy, safety, or performance, they are symbols of care and thoughtfulness.

Besides, I really would not want to own a mod that looks and feels like a child’s toy. Still, this is an early season for the Kanger SUBOX and what I really need is an up-close picture of the mod as it will look upon release. There are two colors: black with red trim and white with black trim.


It would be logical to compare the SUBOX Mini to the KBox and here is what I conclude: the term “mini” makes no sense unless Kanger is building a bigger mod in the future. The SUBOX creates more heat than the KBox 40W device. Dimensions were not released for the SUBOX, though, so maybe its frame is smaller.


Even though I am not a fan of this device yet based on pictures, and it is so difficult to say anything substantial when the unit hasn’t been released to the public yet, I have high hopes. Kanger has rarely let the public down in any significant way.

They have had their troubles with various tanks, but they always tweak and improve products. Value for money has traditionally been high. I am hopeful that the Kanger SUBOX Mini Starter Kit will follow in these footsteps.

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