Karhu Strong 5 Fulcrum Running Shoes Review

Karhu, the Finnish running apparel company, has had a long history of providing quality running gear for men and women. The heart of their successful shoe design lies in the revolutionary Fulcrum technology, which centers on the concept of forward propulsion during foot strike. Now, they continue their tradition of innovation with the release of the Karhu Strong 5 – the brand’s most cushioned and most supportive model to date.

It features a new fulcrum design for a more supportive cushioning, together with sidewall overlays for improved stability at high speeds. The outsole and upper also received a fresh update, which ensures excellent traction and breathability as you run.

Key features of the Karhu Strong 5

Full-length fulcrum

What separates the Karhu Strong 5 from other running shoes is the new and improved Fulcrum system that ensures a more stable landing platform no matter the foot strike you exhibit. Compared to the older models, the S5’s midsole now come with a full-length Fulcrum running from the heel to toe.

This guides the foot completely throughout the gait cycle, thereby letting you move forward with less effort and stress. It also works by limiting or eliminating the amount of energy wasted in each stride and keep fatigue to a minimum.

Unique midsole combo

Apart from the upgraded Fulcrum, the Strong 5’s midsole retained the compression-molded EVA foam to give runners the smoothest takeoffs and landings. Though feature-packed and heavily cushioned, the whole midsole won’t get in the way of the fit and is very lightweight to boot.

As a matter of fact, the pair has an overall weight of only 10.4 ounces for a men’s size 8. There’s also a combination of synthetic textured wicking, ventilating liner, and padded heel counter to further improve the step-in comfort and running convenience. With these features, the S5 makes an ideal candidate to take on short speed workouts and high mileage races as well.

Soft and breathable upper

The Strong 5’s upper is made using a lightweight mesh material that wraps around the foot nicely, giving it a comfy yet snug fit. It promotes proper air circulation in and around the shoe to keep your feet nice and dry throughout the race.

Karhu also integrated a reflective M logo on the sides, which provides structural support and serves as a handy safety feature when training at night or dawn. Finally, the synthetic overlay is attached to the lacing for increased stability while giving you a secure and customized fit.

Durable and responsive outsole

While the Karhu Strong 5 isn’t the best when it comes to all-round traction, it’s certainly sufficient for some serious road running. It features a welded reinforced toe tip, midfoot, and heel that continuously guides and supports your feet with every step.

These three components work as one to give the shoe a lively and bouncy feel. The new design also employs the compression-molded rubber heel and blown rubber forefoot that helps absorb the shocks and strains while training.

Additional information

The Karhu Strong 5 has a 10 millimeter heel to toe differential and weighs in at approximately 10 ounces. It comes in men and women’s standard sizes and up, and is available in a selection of colors including Magenta/Berry, and Titanium Blue/Light Blue. Karhu has the running shoes covered with a 30-day return policy.

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