KNUST Bio-Medical Engineering

KNUST Bio-Medical Engineering...

KNUST Bio-Medical Engineering

The Department runs the BSc Medical LaboratoryTechnologyprogramme, started some 10 years ago, and produces professional Biomedical Sciencegraduates, through regular lectures, an extensive bench based laboratory training, tutorials and seminars. Six batches of graduates have passed out of this department; some are contributing their quota to thehealthdelivery system, andothersare pursuing professional Biomedical Sciences graduatesprogrammesin the university and overseas.Graduates come out with competent skill in Biomedical Science and engineering which make them diverse and fit in any feild of work they find themselves.

Aims & Objectives

The objectives of Biomedical Engineering courses are that at the end of the programme, the students should be able to apply their knowledge of the fundamental concepts and principles in Biomedical engineering to the benefit of the nation and then relate these concepts to the biology and medical areas to assure quality assurance in the practice of Biomedical industry.

Course description

  1. UNDERGRADUATE (Details,How to Apply)


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