KNUST IDL Postgraduate courses

KNUST IDL Postgraduate courses...

KNUST IDL Postgraduate courses


  1. Commonwealth Executive Master ofBusinessAdministration (CEMBA)
  2. Commonwealth Executive Master of Public    Administration (CEMPA)
  3. MBA Specialization (For CEMBA/CEMPAGraduates)
  4. MPhil./MSc. IndustrialMathematics
  5. MSc Environmental Science
  6. MSc Food Quality Management
  7. MPhil/MSc. InformationTechnology
  8. MPhil Post Harvest Technology (Horticulture)
  9. MPhil/MSc. Logistics and Supply Chain Management

10. MPhil/MSc.HealthInformatics

11. Master of Public Administration

12. MPhil/MSc.BusinessConsulting and Enterprise Risk Management

13. MSc. Educational Innovation and Leadership Science

14. MPhil. Educational Innovation and Leadership Science

15. MA Sociology

16. MPhil/MSc. IndustrialFinanceand Investment

17. MSc. Development Management

18. MPhil/MSc.  Political Studies

19. Master ofEducationDegree (MEd)

20. Postgraduate Diploma inEducation(PGDE)

21. MSc. Applied Statistics

22. MSc.Accounting

23. MSc. Economics

24. MPhil./MSc. Forensic Science

25. MPhil. Solid State Physics

26. MSc. Petroleum Geophysics

27. MPhil. Meteorology and Climate Science

28. MPhil./MSc. Mineral and Groundwater Exploration Geophysics

29. MPhil. Materials Science

30. MSc. Project Management

31. MSc. Actuarial Science

32. MSc. Human Nutrition and Dietetics

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