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Published:08 Feb 2011  Source:University Relations Office (URO)

The Kwame Nkrumah University of Science andTechnology(KNUST), Kumasi, one of the finest Science and Technology institutions in Africa has been ranked Number One (1st) among all the Universities inGhana, and 18thon the African Continent. This was contained in the January 2011 Report of the Ranking Web of World Universities based on the following criteria: qualityeducation, internationalism, research output, impact, and prestige.


The ranking is aimed at promoting web publications, supporting open access initiatives, electronic access to scientific publications, and other academic materials. KNUST featured in the Webometrics Ranking of the top 100 universities in Africa for the first time in 2009.


During the January 2009 top African Universities ranking, KNUST was ranked 53rdwhile theUniversity of Ghanatook the 55thposition; the other Universities inGhanadid not make the list. Subsequently, KNUST improved remarkably and was ranked 30thout of the 100 top Universities in Africa during the mid-year ranking in 2009.


Following tremendous improvements by Management, staff and students of the University, it came as no surprise when KNUST was ranked 20thin Africa during the 2010 top 100 Universities Ranking. KNUST is making headway as thePremierCentre of excellence in Africa for teaching in Science and Technology for development.


The Management of  KNUST is proud to announce that the University is still ranked Number One (1st) in Ghana, followed byUniversity of Ghanawhich is ranked 49thin Africa, according to the January 2011 top 100 Universities Ranking report in Africa. The University remains focused on its vision of: “Advancing knowledge in Science and Technology for sustainable development in Africa”.


Congratulations to the Vice-Chancellor, Professor William O. Ellis; the teaching staff; administrative and non-administrative staff; and students of the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology, on the good job in lifting the image of the University as Ghana’s Number One institution.


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