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KNUST Scholarship

KNUSTOffer to Students who meets the requirements. KNUSTScholarshipshave helped a lot of Students who needed financial aid to successfully complete their degrees. A detailed Report on the Financial Aid Arm Of Knust can be found below;

Overview of Scholarships for KNUST

As part of its policy towards greater access to HigherEducation, the University initiated the Less Endowed Schools AdmissionProgrammein 2003. This was to offer concessionary admissions to students from those Schools who would otherwise not have had the benefit of Universityeducationdue to the competitive Admission process and limited vacancies.

The problem is further compounded by the new educational reform introduced by the government at the tertiary level, with emphasis on

  • Cost sharing,
  • The payment of Academic Facility User Fees (AFUF),
  • The decoupling of accommodation from admission and
  • The rationing of residential facilities leading to the payment of Residential Facility User Fees(RFUF) and In-Out-Out-Out residential policy have resulted in the gradual increase in cost of University education.

Coupled with the aforementioned, the inflationary and macroeconomic trends have raised the cost of upkeep (food, books and handouts) of students on campus such that the less affluent and needy but brilliant students struggle hard to secure funds to enable them complete theirprogrammesof study.

To further the course of this policy, the University instituted the Students’ Financial Services Office (SFSO) to, amongothers, explore, solicit and offer financial assistance to students from Less Endowed Schools, as well as, Needy but brilliant Students studying in the University.


The SFSO is expected, among others, to:

  • provide financial assistance by the way of bursaries andscholarshipsto Less Endowed Schools Students as well as needy but brilliant students studying at the University who, without such assistance, may be unable to meet educational and other expenditure at the University; and,
  • Create work-study opportunities for students.


  • To ensure that financial assistance is provided in an effective, timely, fair and equitable manner to all qualified applicants.
  • To promote the establishment of financial assistance (Scholarships, Bursaries, Awards and Work Study Schemes) by individuals, corporate NGOs and religious bodies.
  • To encourage the University (Colleges, Schools, Faculties,DepartmentsInstitutes and Centres) to create more Work Study avenues for needy students.
  • To engage in fund raising activities to enhance the sustainability of the SFS support schemes of the University.


  • Provide financial assistance to needy but brilliant students in the University who without such assistance, may not be able to meet their educational and other ancillary expenses.
  • Seek to monitor all financial support (Scholarships, Bursaries and Work Study Schemes) to students from both local and foreign sources.
  • Ensure that there is equitable disbursement of the scarce resources available to all eligible students.
  • Prevent students from applying and accumulating funds from several financial sources for any reason, since the office is established to support needy students but not to enrich them.

KNUST Scholarships-Application Sponsors

Brief Information on Each Scholarship

Foreign Scholarships:


Educational Pathways International is a foundation that offers four-year Scholarships for brilliant but needy students to enable them pursue University Education in their own country. TheScholarshipis opened to all 1st, 2nd and 3rd years’ brilliant but needy students of KNUST reading full time programmes. Minimum grade of prospective continuing student applicants must be at least Second Class Upper. A first year applicant should have a WASSCE Result Aggregate of Nine (9).


The Scholarship is opened to all 1st, 2nd and 3rd years brilliant but needy students. It is a special scholarship for WOMEN INMEDICINE. All brilliant but needy students from the various departments are also eligible to apply. Minimum grade of applicants must be at least Second Class for Continuing students and Aggregate 10 for First years.


Timothy Ansah Memorial Foundation is a scholarship package to support needy but brilliant students born and schooled in the Western Region ofGhanawith their University Education. It must be noted that the scholarship is only for needy but brilliant students who are Westeners born and schooled in the WESTERN REGION OFGHANA.

Local Scholarships:

MTN Ghana

Mobile Telecommunication Network (MTN) Ghana Scholarship is a social development scholarship given by MTN to some students as part of MTN’s social responsibility. The selection of students for this kind of scholarship is done by MTN Ghana.

Vodafone Ghana

Vodafone Ghana Scholarship is a social development scholarship given by Vodafone to some students as part of Vodafone’s social responsibility. The selection of students for this kind of scholarship is done by Vodafone Ghana.

Genser Power

Genser Power Ghana Limited (GPGL) is an Engineering company which collaborates with KNUST in the areas of Research and Development in Electrical, Chemical and Mechanical Engineering, to offer awards to deserving students at KNUST by GPGL. It must be noted therefore that the Scholarship is for students only in the COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING.

TEST for Ghana

The Foundation provides Four year FULL or PARTIAL scholarships to needy but brilliant students to undertake new and/or continuing Tertiary Education studies at GhanaianPublic Universitiesand Polytechnics in their own country. It must be noted that, continuing beneficiaries must pick up renewal forms every academic year to continue benefiting from the scholarship.


Total Petroleum Ghana Limited (TPGL) in collaboration with KNUST is offering scholarship and training to brilliant but needy students to assist them pursue their University education. The Scholarship is opened to all 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th years’ brilliant but needy students of KNUST reading full time programmes, from the COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING.

Lebanon Embassy

The Lebanese Embassy Scholarship is a scholarship package for undergraduate brilliant Law Students of Kwame Nkrumah University of Science andTechnology(KNUST). The Scholarship covers hundred percent tuition, accommodation and other fees. It is also awarded to brilliant students from theFaculty of Lawof the University. It must be noted that the scholarship is strictly based on academic performance and NOT financial status of students. The Scholarship is given by the Lebanese Embassy in Ghana.


TheMathematics, Science and Technology Students Scholarship (MASTEES) is a Government of Ghana scholarship package for both undergraduate and post-graduate students to support students of such fields of study in their Tertiary Education. Since the 2013/2014 Academic year, the Government of Ghana has suspended payments to the MASTEES beneficiaries.

Baker Hughes

The Women Resource ofBakerHughes is a group of enthusiastic women who aims at attracting the best female talent in the job market to work for Baker Hughes. In light this, the group considers an opportunity to sponsor needy and brilliant female students as a means of helping them achieve their career objectives and probably as potential employees of Baker Hughes

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