La Bella Casa Boracay Hotel

Address: 5608, Station 1, Boat Station 1, Boracay / Caticlan, Philippines

Editor Reviews:

Ideally inside the fun and vibrant island of Boracay, this property sits inside a prime location on the island at Station 1 and that is simply a stroll outside the White Beach. Featuring 11 rooms, La Bella Casa Boracay Hotel is great for every type of guests including couples, friends and backpackers that need to find a cost-effective place of stay.

La Bella Casa Boracay Hotel

With all of necessary facilities your location, the accommodation accommodates guests needs by offering cable,WiFi, shower, air-con unit, and several with the rooms have minibar and bathtub.

La Bella Casa Boracay Hotel

In the middle of nightclubs, restaurant precinct, spas and activity sites, guests are sure to experience an unforgettable experience at Boracay Island.

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