A Field Guide to Adult Hip-Hop Dance Classes in Los Angeles. For beginners to professional dancers. Explore new classes and dance studios!...

Resources for Los Angeles Aspiring & Professional Dancers


Los Angeles-based Answers4Dancers maintains a large collection of resources for the aspiring or working dancer. Some content is free and some requires a paid membership to view.

Creating Opportunities: “It’s More Than the Moves.”

Lisette Bustamante and Chonique Sneed founded Creating Opportunities to inspire up-and-coming dancers to create their own opportunities and succeed in the dance industry on their own terms.

DancePlug: “The Powerstrip to Your Dance Career. Get Plugged In.”

DancePlug offers free career profiles, demo reel services, audition listings, online dance classes, and more. The site produces a weekly dance industry news show, the DancePlug Dish.

Los Angeles Dance Community

Boogiezone: “Your Online Dance Community Connection”

Based in Los Angeles / Orange County, Boogiezone has taken off as an international dance community organization. Boogiezone offers weekly community classes.

Culture Shock Los Angeles

Culture Shock Los Angeles is dedicated to preserving hip-hop culture, serving the community, and providing a positive environment for youth through hip-hop dance.

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