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List Of Free Websites To Create Your Own Blog Or Business Site On

Want to start a blog or a business site, but don’t want to pay? Here is a simple list of free websites where you can do just that. There are links and a short description of each.

WeeblyWeebly.comThemes, Drag & Drop Creator, Easy Blog, eCommerce
WebsWebs.comEasy site builder, blog, forms, polls, Free subdomain
ByetHostByetHost.comPHP, MySQL, PHPbb, SMF, Wiki, Free subdomain
JimdoJimdo.comVisual website builder, add videos, photos, shopping cart
AwardSpaceAwardSpace.netPHP, MySQL, Email Sending, No Ads, Free subdomain
Biz lyBiz.lyWebsite & Blog builder, Photo album, Free domain
WebSiteBuilder′s templates, Google/mobile friendly website
WixWix.comEasy Website builder: html5, Flash, mobile, blogs, etc.
Free Hosting EU / Site builder, No ads, Free domain
Biz nfBiz.nfPHP, MySQL, WordPress, Joomla, Free domain, No ads
IM Creator and drop website builder.
SiteBuilder collection of free professionally designed website templates
Sitey You Need to Get Online Today
Jimdo you to create mobile friendly HTML5 websites absolutely for free
WebStartshttps://www.webstarts.coma standard range of services with some insignificant difference
Moonfruit package from Moonfruit includes only 1 website with max 15 pages
Webnode have similar limitations such as 1GB bandwidth and small storage space
Yola many interesting features but the main thing is 5 websites on one account and no banner and pop-up ads
ezweb123 website goes with ads from
Doomby website from Doomby has no limits in number of pages and size of bandwidth
Edicy you want to create personal website and you don’t need unique domain name or a lot of storage space then pay attention to

And the list would not be complete without adding and

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