Localization of coronavirus in Europe is growing as the number of new cases

European countries rush to provide assistance in connection with the higher mortality rates and increased localisation coronavirus infection COVID-19....

Pedro sánchez, Prime Minister of Spain, announced Tuesday on the emergency aid package of 200 billion euros, equivalent to one fifth of the gross domestic product of Spain, to help mitigate the economic consequences of the coronavirus.

The situation in Spain continued to become heavier, and new cases of infections and deaths continue to rise. At least 491 people have died in the country, and was confirmed 11 178 cases of infections.

Mr. Sanchez said that the aid package will contain 117 billion euros in public funds, and the remainder will be provided by the private sector. Mr. Sanchez said it was “the biggest economic force” in modern Spanish history.

The death of the youngest of the currently known victims of Spain, the 21-year-old Francisco Garcia, called the response of the people.

Mr. Garcia, a football coach from Malaga, I did not know that he was infected, when he went to the hospital. But he soon received a double dose of bad news.

He was infected with the coronavirus, and he had leukemia. He died on Sunday.

In France, the government announced the aid package, which will include a deferment or reduction of taxes, the state guarantee of loans to companies and over $ 1.1 billion for small businesses and independent contractors.

While countries around the world continue to tighten the border, Germany hastened to bring home thousands of its citizens, despite the fact that the country is struggling to control the coronavirus within their borders.

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