Los Angeles Resources for Hip-Hop Dancers

A Field Guide to Adult Hip-Hop Dance Classes in Los Angeles. For beginners to professional dancers. Explore new classes and dance studios!...

L.A. Dance Industry Resources


Los Angeles-based Answers4Dancers maintains a large collection of resources for the aspiring or working dancer. Some content on A4D is free and some requires a paid membership to view.

Creating Opportunities: “It’s More Than the Moves.”

Lisette Bustamante and Chonique Sneed founded Creating Opportunities to inspire up-and-coming dancers to create opportunities for themselves and succeed in the dance industry on their own terms. Creating Opps offers seminars across the US and an Elite Team program in L.A. and NYC.

DancePlug: “The Powerstrip to Your Dance Career. Get Plugged In.”

DancePlug offers audition listings, demo reel services, online dance classes, free career profiles, and more. The site produces a weekly dance industry news show, the DancePlug Dish.

L.A. Dance Community Resources

Boogiezone: “Your Online Dance Community Connection”

Based in Los Angeles / Orange County, Boogiezone has taken off as an international dance community organization. BZ offers weekly community classes in Alhambra, Torrance, and Irvine. Its new Boogiezone Utopia facility, with seven dance studios and on-site housing, offers ambitious dance programs.

Culture Shock Los Angeles

Culture Shock Los Angeles is dedicated to preserving hip-hop culture, serving the community, and providing a positive environment for youth through hip-hop dance. CSLA offers weekly community classes, fields dance crews, and produces an annual conference, H4: Hip Hop Has History.

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