Lost Bags While Traveling

Arriving at the airport and not finding your bag, or discovering that it has been damaged in transit, can be a very awful situation. We give tips on what to do....

Arriving at the airport and not finding your bag, or discovering that it has been damaged in transit, can be a very awful situation. Let’s face it, if you have found theperfect Disney World backpackfor your trip and it is lost during transit, it would more than likely ruin some parts of your vacation. However, if you are well informed before this type of incident, you will be able to take the right steps to recover your baggage or make appropriate claims. Here are some valuable tips on what to do if your bags are damaged, delayed, or stolen.

Damaged Baggage

If your luggage arrives ripped or smashed, the airline will normally pay for repairs. But if your bags or suitcases can’t be repaired, they will offer to pay you a depreciated value. The same thing applies to the items in the bag. So you should always inspect your luggage carefully and report any damage before you leave the airport. The customer service personnel will also inspect the baggage before you leave. After the inspection, make a claim for the repairs. Also, find out if they have any approved luggage repair vendors so you will not pay for repairs that will not be covered. Remember to collect a receipt from the bag repairer so you can present it to collect your refund.

Delayed Baggage

When your luggage is delayed, do not panic; it is most likely misplaced. Statistics from the Department of Transport show that about 98 percent of misplaced baggage is recovered and returned. Most airlines will pay you for “reasonable expenses” incurred while you are searching for your belongings. The amount paid is however subject to negotiation. Make sure you report to the airline before leaving the airport. Get the person in charge of claims to fill out a form and ask for a phone number so you can contact the airline for follow up. Provide all your contact details such as home address and phone numbers so that the airline can contact you when your bag is found.

Lost Baggage

Only about 2 percent of passenger baggage is lost according to the DOT’s recent Consumer Report on Air Travel. Your airline will do everything possible to ensure that your bags are found. But if they eventually declare officially that your bags can’t be found, you must file a claim immediately. The airline will reimburse you but they will not pay you the exact value of the bag and all the items it. However, you must list out all the items in the bag and attach a monetary value to each one. You should do your best to negotiate the amount to be paid but you will most likely receive a depreciated value for each item in the bag. Also, ensure that you demand for a refund of your checked luggage fee.

Items Are Stolen From Baggage

If you get home from your trip and discover that your luggage was tampered with or some items are missing, what should you do? First check for a slip of paper from the airline that you traveled with. If you see this slip, you should file a claim immediately with the the airline and fill the appropriate form online. You can find more information about this on their official website. After you download and fill the form, mail it or fax it back to them. They will help you process the claim early but sometimes it could take up to 6 months for you to receive due compensation for the lost item. However, you must remember that most airlines will not compensate you for items like jewelry and money.


The simple tips provided here will make it easy for you to take the right steps if you discover that your bags are damaged, delayed or stolen. Before you arrive at your destination, you should ensure that you know exactly where to file claims or make complaints if the need arises.

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