Lotus LE80

Lotus flowers are associated with various meanings in assorted Asian religions and cultures.

In some countries, the flower represents purity. In others, it’s about enlightenment; in still others, lotus flowers stand for beauty.

The makers of a Lotus LE80 Box Mod perhaps have all of these in mind and more.

Beauty of Simplicity

In particular, they claim to have overcome the gimmicks spreading through this industry associated with variable watt devices; to having simplified and purified the form. The Lotus LE80, they say, is for purists who do not need to have volts figured out for them.

With a chart and some common sense, they will ably set volts according to their atomizer resistance without any help from a variable watt microchip. In fact, they find this an enjoyable pastime. Never mind that you can switch to voltage mode using many of the adjustable mods out there: it’s a matter of choice.

Compatibility and Settings

Use the Lotus VV LE80 Box Mod at between 3.6V and 6V with an atomizer of 0.2-ohm resistance or as high as 5 ohms. That gives you huge scope to experiment with RTAs, RBAs, and RDAs: the Freakshow, Tobh, Plume Veil, Doge, Kanger Subtank, JoyeTech Delta II, and many others. It’s a very basic black box, so any atomizer will look good on it. Everything goes with black.

Big LED Display

While the Lotus eschews variable watt controls, it does provide a 3-digit display with very square and old-fashioned digits which are exceptionally large and clear. Read your battery value in percent and output voltage on the screen.

Obtaining Power

It is hard to make an association between the beautifully pure lotus flower and a power-hungry electronic device, but the Lotus is powerful. It takes two 18650 batteries of 30A output or higher, but don’t worry about overkill: high temperature, overcharge, and discharge protection are built in to prevent the battery from overheating and blowing up.

So is protection against low voltage, a short circuit, and low resistance (building a coil incorrectly or trying your luck, just to see what would happen at 0.05 ohms). It would be hard to blow up your product unless you really tried hard.

Basic Controls

For a company that wants nothing to do with gimmicks and jargon, they adopted a pretty fancy, long, tongue-twister of a word to stand for “adjustment dial.” Change volts by turning the potentiometer. This is a real word meaning “knob,” just not the one I would have chosen to dissociate myself from a tendency towards gimmicky terms. It’s just a knurled dial much like the ones on Spinner batteries.

Unexpected Output Capacity

With its streamlined appearance, you might think of the Lotus as a wallflower; quiet and unassuming. Although this is not a variable watt device, it has a built-in capacity of 180W which might come as a surprise. So, while you think 6 volts is not all that much, your battery can sure push out heat at its highest setting with a really low-resistance build on your RDA.

Batteries Sold Separately

Batteries are not included in the Lotus LE80: you’ve got to buy those as well. Reverse battery protection prevents a malfunction caused by inserting the batteries backwards.

As far as pricing goes, with a cost of about $70, you will not feel hard-done by having to add cells to your shopping cart.

Pick out an atomizer for your Lotus LE80 Box Mod as well and your entire bill should come to no more than $120 unless you have expensive taste in RDAs.

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