Luggage For College Students

Luggage is one of the most important necessities for any college student. This is because they are going to live in a community away from home....

One of the most exciting times for students is when they are preparing to head off to college. Among a ton of things they have to prepare for is getting good luggage. Luggage comes in a variety of color, styles, and sizes. The different luggage available, also, come with different features. The luggage to select is usually dependent on one’s preferences. Different people have their unique luggage needs. It,therefore, is important to pick a bag that fits all the necessary belongingsyou need to carry perfectly and not one that proves to be a burden to you.  Below is some of the best best luggage for college students available.




Rockland Luggage 20″ and 28″ 2 Piece

This is a black 32” high and 13” wide luggage. It has two large pockets at the front for extra storage space. It comes with eight clear skate wheels that rotate 360 degrees for easy moving. The skate wheels are tough and durable. It, also, comes with an internal telescoping handle to facilitate its functionality. This 2 Piece  set is made of ABS. This makes it very light. It is easy to carry with you even when you have a lot to pack in it. The material is, also, strong and durable. This ensures that whatever contents is put in it, it is well guarded and protected.


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Kenneth Cole Reaction 20″

This Kenneth Cole bag is a 21.75 by 15.25 by 9  that weighs 7LB. The size is large enough to accommodate most, if not all of your belongings. It is very simple to move around thanks to its four wheel construction. This allows it to be rolled in any direction when upright. It, also, comes with a handle system with retractable locking for ease when you want to move it around. The flexible handles at the top and side allow for easy lifting off the ground. The side bezels allow you to stand it on its side.



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DelseyHelium Spinner

This gear is made of 100% Poly-carbonate material making it strong and resilient to cracking. It has a metallic finish giving it a stylish look. The material is, also, extremely light hence proving to be convenient. The luggage comes with double spinner wheels to provide exceptional maneuverability. You will feel less weight on your arm. In addition to its 29-inch size, it can expand for a further 2 inches to provide additional space for storage. Space includes two fully-lined compartments that have multiple pockets to ensure you keep things organized. The web straps and zipper divider helps to secure your clothing and ensure they don’t get wrinkles.


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Travelpro22″ Expandable

This 22 Inch Suitcase comes with 11 lightweight and durablerollaboardsand spinners. This 22-inch model features a water repellent coating on both the inside and outside of the bag. It is equipped with a telescoping handle that stops at 38 inches and can be expanded further to 42.5 inches. Its bottom tray has honeycomb framing integrated with it to give the luggage that lightweight durability. Other features that come with this model include carrying handles of low profile, exterior ticket pockets, 2-inch expansion capability for enhanced stability, zippered side pocket with mesh and adjustable hold-straps that come withDuraflexbuckles that don’t break easily.

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This model comes in black, blue, red, and volt colors. TheSamsoniteAspirexliteExpandable Spinner 25” is designed to be durable and fused with lightweight construction. It weighs about 9.5 pounds. It is made of rugged polyester material together with steel wire to provide a combination of strength. It is large and flexible to accommodate all your belongings comfortably. The mesh pockets andwetpakallow for you to keep your belongings in a more organized state. Its dimensions are 24.5 inches by 16.3 inches by 9 inches. It is, also, expandable for added packing space. The sleek in-line skate wheels are smooth rolling for easy functionality. The four multi-directional spinner wheels allow for easy maneuvering with the luggage. The spinner wheel releases the weight of the luggage of your shoulders. It, also, comes with side carry and padded top handles for easy and comfortable lifting.

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What to Look for When Purchasing Luggage for College Students


There are a number of models and designs to choose from. However, not every luggage you see and think pleases you or actually suits you. It is important not to overlook a bag. You have to pay key attention to its specific features and determine whether it will work for you or not. There are a number of considerations you have to look at to know whether a particular piece is best for you or not so that, to avoid making the wrong choice and have to go for luggage hunting again in the near future

  • Durability of the Luggage

It is very important to consider modern durability. You have to put a keen focus on the level of intensity in which you handle things. Dragging a luggage can be rough on the luggage structure. If it is not strong enough, it will definitely succumb to the pressure and probably crack and break. A good choice is a luggage made of a durable polymer that can withstand immense pressure. The same applies to the wheels. Go for a luggage with strong and durable roller wheels. Otherwise, you would have to bear all the weight on your shoulders when the wheel break.

  • Your luggage should stand the rigor of students travel

A 3-piece set is ideal since it has options for the different travel needs. If you tend to travel a lot, then get a set that takes care of all the situations.

  • Size of the Luggage

Some people tend to carry lots of their belongings. Some, on the other hand, prefer having fewer belongings when going to college. You, therefore, need to pay keen interest in the size of your luggage. It should be just right to fit your belongings comfortably. You don’t want to buy a luggage then realize it is too small for you or too large for your comfort. Also, if you are planning on getting more items, an expandable one would be perfect. It most cases you are better of with more than aregular laptop backpackwhen going to school.

  • Cost of Luggage

The different luggage brands and designs come with their own unique costs. This is where you might want to pay keen attention to luggage features. You might get two luggage from two different brands having the same features but are priced differently. You could save up some extra cash by purchasing a cheaper one that serves you in the same way as the more expensive one would. You, also, should consider your budget and purchase a luggage you can comfortably afford. However, do not put much focus on the luggage price at the expense of the quality. Otherwise, you risk having to go for college luggage hunting again very soon.

Why Luggage is Important for College Students

Luggage is one of the most important necessities for any college student. This is because they are going to live in a community away from home. With it comes some level of assurance on comfort, security, and convenience.

  • Easy and comfortable travel

Most probably the college you are headed to is in another town, city, or state. One thing is for sure. You will need your personal belongings. A Luggage ensures you carry your personal belongings safely and securely when traveling. It, also, ensure you keep everything organized and safe throughout the journey.

  • Securing your belongings

You are going to a community with people from different places. Most probably you do not know anyone there. You cannot risk leaving your items exposed to everyone and risk losing them to thieves. A luggage ensures that all your belongings are in one place. You can, also, lock up the luggage to ensure your items are not stolen.

  • Convenience

Luggage brings convenience when carrying items. It comes with different designs and features. These features provide convenient spaces for storing your items. They, also, offer a great and easy way of carrying things around without having to struggle thanks to the roller and spinner wheels. If you to do a lot of walking, then a good piece allows you to move around while still keeping an eye on your belongings without sweating at all.

  • Flexibility

The use of your travel bag is not necessarily limited to college. If you get a durable bag, then you can use it for other travel needs. You will not need to purchase another bag when you are going for that trip or vacation. Instead, you can use your college luggage, and it will work just fine.

  • Organization

There are various features that come with various designs that help you be more organized. Being organized is very important in a college setting. A good design helps you have all your items in the right places at all times.

Luggage plays a very important role in ensuring that you have an easy time in college and while traveling around to different places. Their importance cannot be emphasized any further. However, as you get a luggage for yourself, do not just focus on getting one with fancy appearance. Go beyond the looks. Dive into the luggage details and pick one that suits your needs. Also, it’s a good practice to compare the different models and brands. You never know. You might get the same value at a much lower price and save up some cash for other things you need.

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