Macron warns that the epidemic of the coronavirus “inevitable”

French Deputy hospitalized, macron warns that the epidemic of the coronavirus "inevitable." The news of the coronavirus in France....

Member of the National Assembly of France was hospitalized in intensive care after Contracting mers, said in a statement the lower house of Parliament on Thursday when the French President warned the public about the need to prepare for the “inevitable” outbreak.

The Assembly was informed that a fast food worker have also contracted the virus and was confined to the house, and another cafeteria worker legislators suspect that he contracted the virus, were hospitalized.

He did not name the legislator, who contracted the virus, but added that all the legislators and staff were briefed on the situation.

The President of France Emmanuel macron on Thursday warned that France is steadily moving to an epidemic of coronavirus, since the Ministry of health has reported three more deaths from the disease, bringing the death toll in the country reached seven.

“There is a moment when we all know that … the epidemic is inevitable,” said macron.

On Thursday, there were 138 new cases infected with virus, its biggest daily jump in, bringing the total number across the country, reached 423.

In a sign of growing concern to French officials, the EU Parliament announced that the venue of the session next week will be moved from Strasbourg in Eastern France to the capital of Belgium Brussels.

“The situation with the spread of an infectious disease caused by a novel coronavirus COVID-19, was developed in the last few days and hours. In particular, it has been confirmed new clusters of infection, and the number of cases is growing,” — said the Chairman of the Parliament David Sassòli. in a statement.

“The necessary security conditions do not exist for conventional transmission to the European Parliament in Strasbourg for the plenary meeting next week,” he added.

The Deputy head of the Ministry of health Jerome Salomon told reporters that the seven killed in France, six men and one woman.

Twenty-three people are in serious condition in the hospital, he said, adding that in all 13 regions of mainland France is currently registered cases of infection.

Increasing the level of risk in France

Macron met on Thursday with top researchers and leading efforts to combat the outbreak, which authorities closed about 150 schools.

Press Secretary of the government of Sibet Ndiaye said Wednesday that officials will probably have to raise the level of the epidemic in the country to the maximum (the third level), which could lead to travel restrictions and limiting public activities.

Jean-Francois Delfraissy, an immunologist from the group of experts to study the virus, said after a meeting with Macron, which top the alert level will likely be reached “in a few days, maximum a week or two”.

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