Madden 18 CFM Draft Scouting Tool Is Out Now

Madden 18 CFM - Custom Draft Board

According to the creator, the Scouting Tool boasts new features and has been tuned to work with the current Madden 18 draft classes....

Madden 18 CFM - Custom Draft Board

If you play Madden’s Connected Franchise Mode as religiously as me, then you’ll understand the importance of the offseason Draft and wanting to avoid potential busts (I’m looking at you Blake Bortles). Thankfully, a user on Reddit has already come out with his CFM Scouting Tool forMadden 18.

According to the creator, the Scouting Tool boasts new features and has been tuned to work with the current Madden 18 draft classes. That being said, the tool is still in a beta, but I’m sure it’ll be fine tuned as he continues to run tests and tweaks it accordingly.

“The tool is still quite “Beta” in terms of the Red/Blue chip tests for M18, as I’ve only had time to run about 6 classes through the tool. My advice is to err on the side of caution with red chip players in particular, and make greater use of the Grade/TVR column, particularly if you’re torn between two guys in your draft class.”

You can download the Madden 18 Draft Scout Tool Here.

Here’s what’s new for Madden 18:

  • Choose player archetypes: The player type (e.g. 3-4 Pass Rusher, Cover 2, Run Stopper etc.) will now affect the Grade given to players in the tool. This will help you find players that perfectly fit your scheme!

  • Big is Beautiful: After the “Fat 5” research somebody (I forget who, sorry) published last year, I did my own testing on the impact of a player’s weight to their performance, particularly on offensive and defensive line. The results were conclusive: it’s good to be fat: you get more push in the run game (or are more able to resist the initial push as defender), and you collapse the pocket far more effectively against the pass, resulting in 40% more sacks. Now the tool takes this into account as well.

  • More draft stories: I’m pretty sure I’ve got 99% of the draft stories covered off in the tool now (N.B. some stories are part of a broader archetype that has the same effect but different wording depending on position – check the Draft Stories tab in the tool). Keep an eye out for stories in Draft week itself, not many people know about these ones!

  • Further tweaks to the algorithm: True Value Rating algorithm tweaked to further normalise it across positions and to make sure certain archetypes aren’t penalised (e.g. Blocking TEs).

  • Scouted Skill Abbreviations: You asked for it, I listened. You can now use abbreviations when entering the scouted skills for players, speeding up input and improving the user experience.

  • Blue/Red Chip Checks Updated for M18: The checks against players at different positions have been retuned for Madden 18 draft classes.

Below are some Key Features for Madden 18’s CFM Draft Tool:

  • Never draft a bust: “Draft Status” column separates the blue chippers from the scrubs using a huge number of position-specific checks against unlocked scouting attributes and combine stats.

  • Set up your Big Board correctly: The tool provides a ranking algorithm to help you set your board before draft classes. Invaluable, particularly in Online CFMs where you’re unable to attend the live draft!

  • Scout Dev Traits: My extensive research into how you can use draft stories to predict dynamic dev traits is now incorporated into the tool.

  • Find the mid/late round gems: You will now be able to see the potential stars hiding in the middle and late rounds of the draft.

  • Find depth in the later rounds: As well as the elite prospects, the tool will also find potential contributors for your team who are likely to have an OVR in the 70-74 range.

  • Rebuild through the draft like a real GM: The tool will help you draft entire classes of high quality players who are all potential starters for your team.

  • Draft by BPA: The unique “True Value Rating” system provides a ranking algorithm to compare all prospects so that you can always draft best player available.

  • Compare YOUR draft class to the average Madden draft class: Draft Class Strength Analysis tab shows you how your class compares to the average post-Tuning Update class (based on approx. 15 classes) in terms of elite prospects, depth, and strength at different positions.

  • Scout efficiently: Tool ensures you spend your scouting points as efficiently as possible, ruling out players with a low OVR quickly in the scouting process.

  • Scout more players: the Tool will ensure you can cover as many prospects as possible in the class, meaning you don’t have to focus on positions of need.

  • Bring in Free Agents at the right positions: Draft Class Strength Analysis will show you which holes in your team you can plug through the draft, and which areas you would be advised to bring in Free Agents.

While not 100% guaranteed, the Scouting Tool does a fairly decent job of helping you avoid busts in the offseason draft, provided you follow all the advice.

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