Madden NFL 18 CFM details coming in ‘early’ August

Madden NFL 18

EA has lifted the curtain slightly on some of Madden NFL 18's new gameplay features, details for Connected Franchise Mode remain a mystery....

Madden NFL 18

Thanks to a change in marketing strategy this year, details for EA’sMadden NFL 18have been slow to roll out. While EA has lifted the curtain slightly on some of its newgameplay features andmechanics, details regarding some of the more established modes — like Connected Franchise Mode — remained shrouded in mystery. Hopefully that will change soon.

Madden NFL Creative Director Rex Dickson has been doing his best to fend off a rabid Madden fanbase on Twitter, answering questions to the best of his ability without jumping the gun. After all, as we learned with the official gameplay trailer, securing approvals is a bi*ch.

So according to Dickson, more information about Madden NFL 18’s Connected Franchise Mode will be shared in early August via an official blog post.

Dickson also says information about Madden 18’s soundtrack will be coming in “about another week or so.”

With Madden NFL 18 due out in stores next month, fans are growing more and more impatient over the lack of details and raw gameplay videos.

On a related note, yesterday EA published (and then removed) a post revealingCincinnati Bengals rookie John Ross as the fastest player in Madden NFL 18, with a 98 Speed rating.

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