Madden NFL 18 gameplay should arrive this week

Madden NFL 18

Madden NFL 18 Creative Director Rex Dickson reaffirms that we should expect to see Madden 18 gameplay sometime this week....

Madden NFL 18

With less than a month untilMadden NFL 18debuts early on EA Access, fans are understandably worried that we have still yet to see gameplay for the latest installment in EA’s annual football franchise. Well, thatcould be changing this week.

EA Sports Madden Creative Director Rex Dickson has reaffirmed that fans should expect to see Madden 18 gameplay sometime this week as the company kicks off its marketing campaign for the game.

The reason for the delay in gameplay footage, according to Dickson, is that EA chose to instead focus on Longshot for its early marketing. Seeing as how Longshot is Madden NFL’s first-ever cinematic and playable story mode — in the same vein as FIFA 17’s Journey mode — it’s understandable why EA would choose to lead with this.

Rest assured, according to Dickson, Longshot is the onlyreason we have yet to see gameplay.

In any case, the blog posts are written and pending approval, and should all go well, we should see Madden NFL 18 gameplay this week.

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