MagicJack Customer Service

MagicJack Customer Service Number

MagicJack Customer Service And Technical Support Phone Number 1-828-668-2992 To Contact MagicJack Customer Service Department For Help And Support....

MagicJack Customer Service

Get MagicJack Customer Service And Technical Support Phone Number .Magicjack is a device with the help of that you can make and receive calls for free of cost in United State’s And Canada.Magic Jack was founded by Donald Burns. Magic Jack Provide Local Number Portability service’s

MagicJack Customer Service Number

MagicJack Troubleshooting Tips

How Router to Fix Magicjack if it is not working with your:

There are many people’s who face this problem how can you fix this problem read our step by step tips.

Step 1 :Connect Your MagicJack Device to your computer first andtestweather your magic jack is working or not.

Step 2: In Second Step Please Obtain Magic JackMacAnd Ip Address

How Can You Obtain Magic Jack Mac Address

  1. First of please create a folder with the name of magic jackmac address
  2. Then Extract and download this folder that will give’s you a file named asmagicjackgetmac
  3. ThenClick on runthat will give you Mac Address for your device ( Note in APPLE Device Mac Address Is Not Needed) Please note down this Mac address

Step 3: Configure Your router’sDHCP Address

Step 4:Then Set Up RouterDMZ Address Or Set Up Router’s Port Forwarding

By Doing These Steps You CanSolveYour Magicjack problems with Router.

Some Other Magic Jack Problems

  • REN ( Ringer Equivalence Number)Problems
  • Wrong Ring Mode Problems
  • Voice Mail Set Up And Delay in voice mail
  • Multiple Device is there with the same number
  • Strength signals are too low
  • Magic is not working on your mobile phone
  • Internet Service Problem
  • Call Problems
  • How to reach a live person:
    • They say this phone number is only for billing questions, but it is the only way to get a hold of a live person. The only other option is their online support which is basically useless.
  • Hours of Operation:
    • 11am – 8pm EST
  • Waiting Time:10-15 mins
  • Customer service link:
    • Click Here
  • Main Company URL:
    • Phone: 561-594-9925
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