How To Make Deviled Egg Filling

Once the eggs are cooked, peeled and cut, it is time to make the filling for your deviled eggs. There are many different deviled egg recipes but all...

How To Make Deviled Egg Filling

Once the eggs are cooked, peeled and cut, it is time to make the filling for your deviled eggs. There are many different deviled egg recipes but all use mayonnaise and most use mustard. Other ingredients in deviled eggs, such as salad dressing, onions, garlic, peppers, bacon, olives, cheese, smoke salmon, lobster, or caviar, etc, depend on the particular recipe or on the creativity of the cook. Whatever garnish or ingredients you decide to add, collect all the necessary ingredients ahead of time to help decrease preparation time.

Step #9: Mash The Yolks

The egg yolks should be in a small narrow mixing bowl but it is unnecessary to use a mixer or food processor when making the filling. Instead, a fork or a pastry cutter can be used to break up the yolks into very small pieces. Make sure all the larger bits are broken up so the filling will be smooth, not lumpy. The egg yolks will have a dry and powdery texture when they are ready for the filling. Since most recipes call for additional ingredients to be mashed and mixed with the yolk, this would likely be the best time to add everything in. Continue using the same fork to mix the filling.

Step #10: Adding The Mayonnaise

The mayonnaise is the ingredient that gives the deviled egg filling its creamy texture and all the ingredients should be blended together with a fork until creamy, smooth, and easy to push out of a pastry bag. It is important to use accurate measurements since too much mayonnaise will make the filling too soft and it will not hold its shape. If the filling is too dry, adding a little extra mayonnaise (maybe one tablespoon) will make it creamier. Once all the ingredients are mixed into the filling, it is time to assemble the egg whites and fill them using one of three different methods, depending on the preference of the individual.

Step #11: Filling The Egg Whites

Pastry Bag: For the fanciest presentation, the filling can be put into a pastry bag with a wide decorator tip. Pipe the filling onto the egg whites, making sure to distribute the filling evenly in each of the deviled eggs. Using a circular motion to fill the egg whites makes a pretty design in the finished eggs. Pastry bags also offer more precision and accuracy, giving you the ability to create an appetizing and beautiful look.

Ziploc Bag: If a pastry bag is not available, use a plastic storage bag such as a Ziploc bag. We recommend using a Ziploc freezer bag since the plastic is thicker and will not rip when you apply pressure. Put the filling into the bag and then snip off a small piece at one corner of the bag. Squeeze the filling out into the egg whites in the same fashion as with a pastry bag, but be careful not to apply too much pressure.

Spoon Method: If desired, the filling can be spooned into the egg whites using two teaspoons. Fill one spoon with filling and use the second spoon to push the filling off the first spoon and into the egg. This method will not produce the fancy results of the pastry bag method, but it will get the job done with a minimum of fuss and equipment.

After the egg whites are filled, they can be garnished with a dusting of paprika, some parsley sprigs or whatever garnishes the deviled eggs recipe calls for or the cook prefers.

Although recipes for how to make deviled eggs may differ in their specifics, the basic steps required for cooking, peeling and filling the eggs remains the same. Creative cooks and moms who understand the basics of how to make deviled eggs can add their own special ingredients and create a signature dish for parties and special occasions. If you have a great deviled eggs recipe, please feel free to use the “Contact Us” form and send it in. We will publish the best recipes on our site and give credit to you.

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