Man of the Sow chased

A 24-Year-old was attacked by a wild boar and saved a pile of Wood. Because the Sow ran under the stack of back-and-forth, the man made a distress call.

The young man was on Wednesday afternoon, in the beautiful book (circle of Tübingen/Baden-Württemberg) on-the-go, as it is a Pig attack. He saved himself on the nearest wood pile. The Sow is not left, but ran angry more under the pile of Wood back and forth. The 24-Year-old informed the police. When the officers arrived 20 minutes later, it had become the Sow probably too stupid. She had already searched the Wide. The man was sitting unharmed on the pile of Wood. The police officers escort him safely out of the forest. The shooting tenant was informed about the incident.

A stack of Wood as the last rescue (icon image: Pixbay)

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