Melatonin Benefits


Melatonin BenefitsLearn about melatonin dosage, side effects and overdose.You are probably on this page because youwant to know howMelatonin benefitspeoplewith sleep disorders.Youare right to be asking this question. Ifyou, like me have been onsleep meds for long, you would need all theinformation you can get soas to avoid health troubles later.Knowing more about how melatonin benefits you,would d...

Melatonin Benefits

Learn about melatonin dosage, side effects and overdose.

You are probably on this page because youwant to know howMelatonin benefitspeoplewith sleep disorders.

Youare right to be asking this question. Ifyou, like me have been onsleep meds for long, you would need all theinformation you can get soas to avoid health troubles later.

Knowing more about how melatonin benefits you,would definitely put your mind to rest.

Whatis Melatonin?
Melatoninas you may already know is a hormone that occurs naturally in yourbody. It is secreted by the pineal gland located at the back of yourbrain and isreleased at night to help regulate when you sleep and wakeup.

Researcher has now shown that the older webecome the lessmelatonin our bodies produce thereby causing us to have lesssleep whenwe use to.MelatoninSupplementsbecame popular in the 90’s. Since then its popularity hasincreasedespecially when doctors and researchers have been able to use it tomanage Jet Lag. 

Melatoninand cancerresearch is also gaining grounds as melatonin is being used tohelp cancer patients improve and extend their lives.
So many people just pop melatonin pillsinto their digestive systemthinking the only thing it does is, make me sleepy.Let me take you onthis little journey and let’s find out what moremelatonin benefits.

Melatoninand the Nervous System.

Melatonin and the Nervous System

One major benefit of melatonin is that ithelps your nervous system. This is especially true in adults. As we age themelatonin hormonesecretion in our bodyreduces, thereby leaving us more prone toneurodegenerative diseases likeAlzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease.

Alzheimer’s patients tend to suffer frominsomnia and increased andun-necessary agitation. Doctors have prescribedmelatonin supplementsto Alzheimer’s patients because study has shown that ithelps protectthe brain from toxic proteins thereby improving the quality ofsleep.

Parkinson’s is a disease that is linkedtoreduced/altered melatoninhormonesecretion in the brain and the prescription ofmelatoninsupplements has proved to be efficient inimproving sleep affectedpatients. Melatoninbenefits also include the lowering of bloodpressure in adults. This greatlyreduces the chances of stroke.

Melatoninand Cancer Research.

Most recentlyMelatonin benefitshas stretched its tentacles throughmelatoninand cancerresearch, including breast and liver cancers, non-small-celllungcancer, and brain metastases from solid tumors being in its range offire.

A recent research carried out on women withbreast cancer who took melatonin supplements has shown positive responseto thesupplement including reported relief of anxiety.

Research is gradually revealing melatoninsupplements to be useful in the battle against the awfully dreaded prostratecancerin men, by slowing down the rateat which the cancerous cellsreplicate. Other benefits of melatonin in cancermanagement includes,reducing weariness, helping heart damage and healing mouthsores fromchemotherapy treatments on cancer patients.

Melatoninand Migraine.

Melatonin and Migraine

MelatoninSupplementshave also shown to be useful inhelping to prevent and treat migraine.A treatment study was carried out on people suffering from migraine andthe researchersconcluded that the Melatonin’s anti-inflammatoryeffect andfree-radical-scavenging effects can help fight headaches.

Morethan two-thirdsof the individuals in the study group showedreasonable improvements and werealso able to sleep at night.

I cannot begin to over emphasize the mostcommon benefit of melatonin; which is to help you have a sound sleep at night.
Researchers are continuing work and arediscovering moreMelatonin benefits.

There is a ray of hope showing in the role melatonin in helping peoplethatwant to quit smoking, people who are undergoing withdrawals andalso prematureageing. You should also know thatmelatoninand jet lagtreatment is also been in the news of late.

The rightMelatonindosagewould help do your body some good.
Now you know the benefits of melatonin and itsuses.
If you need more information on melatoninsupplements and its uses check mymelatoninsupplementspage.

Where Can I Buy Melatonin?

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