Mercedes G 500 – The Dream Ship

Feel like the big appearance? Is guaranteed with the G 500. Deep Bubbling reveals the V8 Biturbo engine, 422 horses only need just under 6 seconds from 0 to 100. And the off – road values are of the finest. What hurts, however, is the purchase price.

Gigantic, awesome, good, but also greedy and not at all cheap – the Name of the new G 500 invites to word play. Yes, the off-road-Primus, Mercedes is a dream boat. “Ship” because of its dimensions (length: 4,67 m width: 2 m, height: 1.95 m), and for many only a “dream”, because it is hard to affordable.

The brown Test flagship for about two weeks. Not only on the publishing Parking lot of the new Benz is the topic of conversation. Alone the powerful Bubbling sound of the V8 Biturbo engine for Silence. This Sound will not miss.

And then the auto-tester is a: A small pressure on the accelerator, and the Mercedes flies away. 422 HP catapult him in under 6 seconds from 0 to 100 km/h.

Very expensive, nice

Start of production of the G-series was in 1979. Of course, it has done much – but nThe angular shape remained. Last of 14,500 were brought to the man. More than ever (2013: 13.000). And just 20 percent to be delivered to military, fire brigade or civil protection. This was the case with previous models different.

The new customer base: people with money. Because in the base version of the 500 will cost already in the price of 105.000 Euro. The DJZ-test car brings it even to 121.000 Euro. Mercedes speaks of an unprecedented stability. The car is not practical.

The back of what is going on. 1.280 litres without prorated refund Bank a word (photos: Hans Jörg Nagel)

Jump in and feel comfortable. Alone the seats can be multi-piece set individually

Who has it, can be really a luxury vehicle on 4 wheels. Alone the Türzuschlagen reveals the goodness of the body. With a dull thump, she goes to the castle. Not necessarily the 1. Time. It takes some force to do this. Similarly, a sheet reveals tapping that fat metal was installed.

All of this brings pressure on the scale. The G-500 comes in at 2,600 pounds. The high unladen weight and the powerful 4-litre engine after all, for a fuel consumption of 12.8 litres (DJZ-Test on a roads, terrain, and urban).

Onroad, Offroad

The interior space is abundant. Straight up even more than enough. Even the 1.85-Meter-driver can keep on the way to the station the Jagdhut including chamois hair as a decoration. Storage compartments are scarce. Even the glove compartment is quite small sized. Too bad.

Otherwise, the DJZ-test car really everything that makes operation easier and driving pleasure is greater. Something and, in the truest sense of the word “placed” is awkward, however, the Info Display above the taps.

Wood, paint, aluminum and leather are extremely classy. Only the Info-Monitor seems to be a bit listless “put-on”

Open the throttle: The 7-g-tronic plus automatic transmission shifts almost imperceptibly, and, according to Mercedes in the fuel consumption cheaper. The steering is very direct, but the G-rider accustomed to a few kilometers. Driving on tar can not be more beautiful.

On and off. In the area of the G. 3 different locking differentials taxes, if necessary, the drive wheels individually. Distribution transmission and rigid axle. The measurable off-road values, leave no doubt about its off-road capability. Ground clearance: 23.5 cm / ramp angle: 24 ° / departure angle: front 28, rear, 29 degree / climbing ability: up to 100 percent / minute stable in inclined position: up to 54% Maximum fording depth: 60 cm.


The G 500 is perfectly – apart from the high purchase price and fuel consumption. He offers every type of luxury and one of the few real terrain is car. A purchase for life.

Hans Jörg Nagel

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