Most Common AC Problems

When you turn your central air conditioner on and the outdoor unit does not come to life, these are some of the possible reasons:

  • Your AC might not be getting power because of a defective breaker or a burned or disconnect wire
  • AC contactor might be defective
  • AC thermostat could be damaged
  • AC transformer might be faulty
  • Squirrels or other rodents sometimes chew through low voltage wires
  • AC contactor wire might have burned off
AC Transformer Parts

AC Transformer Parts

If the AC circuit breaker fails when you turn your unit on, check:

  • AC breaker could be weak
  • AC compressor might be grounded
  • AC condenser fan motor could be damaged
  • AC contactor might be shot
AC Compressor or Sealed System Component Parts

AC Compressor or Sealed System Component Parts

If your AC unit makes a humming sound,  but the fan does not run, check:

  • AC fan motor might be defective
  • There could be a burned wire
  • AC capacitor could be faulty
AC Fan Motor Parts

AC Fan Motor Parts

If the unit fan on your AC runs but the compressor shows no signs of life, check:

  • One of the compressor wires could be burned
  • AC compressor might be defective or placed on overload protector
  • AS start capacitor might be faulty
AC Capacitor Parts

AC Capacitor Parts

If the outdoor unit on your AC runs, but no fan turns on inside the house, check:

  • Your AC blower motor might be defective
  • AC capacitor could be broken
  • AC evaporator coils could be dirty or overgrown with garden debris and need to be cleared
  • AC filter might be blocked with dust, dirt, pet hair and other debris and need to be replaced
  • One of the wires might have burned out
  • AC fan center might not be working
AC Air Filter Parts

AC Air Filter Parts

If your AC is leaking water inside the house, these are things to check for:

  • Your drain might be clogged up
  • Evaporator coil pan is possibly rusted out
AC Evaporator Tray

AC Evaporator Tray

If ice is forming on lines at the AC condenser, check for:

  • AC evaporator might be dirty and need thorough cleaning
  • AC filter might be dirty and need to be replaced
  • AC might be low on refrigerant
  • AC blower motor or blower motor capacitor might need to be replaced

If your AC thermostat is not providing the temperature that you have set, check:

  • Your AC thermostat might not be calibrated correctly
  • Your AC thermostat might be defective and need to be replaced
AC Thermostat Parts

AC Thermostat Parts

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