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Most modern notebooks come without any branded protective bag to transport them. That is why the first thing you should do after buying a new laptop computer is...

Most modern notebooks come without any branded protective bag to transport them. That is why the first thing you should do after buying a new laptop computer is to purchase a padded laptop backpack to protect your investment. These bags come in different styles and shapes with a variety of material choices to suit your taste and your budget. We have put together a review of some of the most protective laptop backpacks that you can afford. This is followed by a brief guide that offers excellent advice to help you choose a something that meets all your needs.


SOLO Executive with Padded Compartment

The SoloExecutive laptop bagwas specially designed with the style and functionality that will attract most business professionals. It has the space and compartments that will help you to stay organized and productive when you are on a field trip or business tour. The bag has the capacity to hold a laptop with a 15.6″ screen in a sleeve lined with material that prevents marks from appearing on the laptop.

Built to carry more than just a computer, this model has an interior pocket that can hold a tablet, ipad or e-reader. It also has a compartment for files and a front organizer section where you can put a small notepad and some pens. By the side, the quick zip pocket can hold a water bottle. Solo Executive 15.6 laptop backpack is light and easy to carry. It has padded shoulder straps that provide additional comfort. With the combination of cotton vinyl material and gunmetal finish, this bag will offer adequate durability for every day use. It comes in two main colors: brown and black.

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Lapacker 14 15.6 inch Padded Business Lightweight

Lapacker 14 offers perfect gear protection for laptops whose screens are 15.6 inches or smaller. The stylish lightweight design, sturdy material, plush inner padding, and anti-theft zipper system makes it ideal for the business executive who wants a secure minimalist laptop bag for daily use and short field trips. In the main compartment, it has a thick shock absorbent padding with Velcro straps and shock-proof sponge layer to protect the computer.

To protect the contents of the backpack against theft, the dual-zipper system makes it difficult for a any other party to open it with a knife or ball point. In the main compartment, the small pockets may be used to hold stationary and other small items while the pouch at the base can safely keep a smartphone. For maximum comfort, this particular model has adjustable straps with thick and stable padding as well as chest straps that will prevent it from slipping of your shoulders. Overall, the Lackpacker laptop bag offers exceptional durability and it is easy to use and maintain.

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Bronze Times Premium Shockproof Canvas Laptop Travel Backpack

In this laptop bag, Bronze Times has combined an outstanding design with efficient use of space to create a compact stylish and minimal appearance. Available in five vibrant colors, this canvas bag has two large compartments: the first one has a wavy grain shockproof sponge and a dual-access zip to protect your gear, while the second one has space for your tablet and some stationary. it is available in two sizes: one for 14.4″ laptops and another for a 15.6″ laptops.

This Bronze Times model comes in a special water resistant canvas fabric with a variety of styles and colors. Its adjustable straps are well padded and there is a breathable sweat-resistant net on the section that rests on your shoulder. This breathable and durable construction makes you feel comfortable in hot weather. In addition, there is a sturdy aluminum alloy handle that adds value to the design of this product

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Lifewit Shockproof 15.6″ Notebook Backpack with Rain Cover

Lifewit designed this product to serve as a protective containment for your laptop as well as a carryall while you are on the move, especially for field workers, tourists and students. This bag has numerous pouches and pockets where you can easily arrange your things. The main compartment that is close to the strap has a well cushioned space to safely keep a 15.6 laptop. With the anti-shock bubble pouch, your laptop will be adequately protected from impact.

A unique feature on this bag is the water-resistant weather cover tucked in neatly at the bottom. You can easily pull it out when it is raining and it will protect the entire bag from the rain. It stays attached to the bag so it can’t get lost. The zipper system provides smooth operation, security and durability. It has an attractive black color and its durable fabric and high quality stitches will definitely stand the test of time.

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What to Look for When Purchasing a Protective Laptop Backpack

Various features need to be considered when you are buying a product to carry and protect your gear. Your notebook must offer adequate protection and comfort. The bag must also be durable and attractive without becoming a target for thieves, especially when traveling for business. Here are the things you should focus on when you are buying your next laptop bag.

Size and Design

Laptop bags are designed to hold portable computersof various screen sizes from the 11-inch netbooks to the large 17-inch laptops. All of them have a compartment that holds and protects your notebook so make sure that you buy one that will hold your gear firmly without drifting. Also, the style should suit your taste and purpose. If you are a business executive you should opt for a bag with a slim minimalist design and a sturdy handle.

Protection and Pouches

The compartment for your bag should have a snug fit to offer enough protection for the machine. Apart from fitting the computer perfectly, the inner fabric should be soft and smooth. Additional pockets on the inside should be able to hold your tablet, ipad, smartphone, earphones, notepad and other accessories.

Comfort and Versatility

The shoulder straps need to be comfortable so that you don’t experience pain or feel awkward when you are carrying them. They should be well-padded and adjustable. For maximum comfort, they should curve from the tab at the top of the bag to the sides at the base.


Pay close attention to the build quality because your bag should last and offer a reasonable amount of wear-resistance. The zip and teeth should be metallic. Avoid plastic that will break and wear out fast, leaving the entire bag unusable. The external fabric should be water-resistant and durable.


Choosing the right backpack for your electronics will help you to keep it safe and secure. If your compuer is a major productivity tool, you must not only protect it, you need to keep it from the eyes of potential thieves. The models reviewed here are affordable and they will provide adequate protection for laptops that have a screen size of 15 inches or less. They are attractive, durable and comfortable. If you have a notebook that is larger than the size that these bags can accommodate, you can use the tips and ideas provided in the buyers guide to choose a bag that will meet your specifications.

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