Movement Lifestyle Dance Intensive: The Tour Los Angeles

Movement Lifestyle's The Tour Los Angeles dance intensive includes master classes and a Q&A session with top choreographers....

Nov 5, 2013

Movement Lifestyle’s The Tour Season 3 will culminate in a three-day The Tour Los Angeles weekend dance intensive followed by a Movement Lifestyle dance showcase, The Show. The Tour attendees will take class with some of the industry’s top choreographers and instructors. In addition, Saturday’s schedule includes The Insight, an extensive Q&A session with the choreographers, and dancers participating in the intensive will have the opportunity to win awards or dance scholarships.

Planned instructors for The Tour Los Angeles are as follows.

Friday: BAM Martin, Lando Wilkins, Anthony Lee, Pat Cruz, Andye J, and Vinh Nguyen.

Saturday: Koharu Sugawara, Mykell Wilson, Kyle Hanagami, Amanda Grind, and Parris Goebel.

Sunday: Laura Edwards, Moto, Jillian Meyers, and Quick Crew.

See Movement Lifestyle’s The Tour Los Angeles page for a complete schedule breakdown.

The Tour Los Angeles will be held at the Holiday Inn Burbank, Friday-Sunday, and The Show will be held at the Movement Lifestyle Studio in the North Hollywood Arts District on Sunday night. (Note that meals, hotel rooms, and tickets to The Show are not included in tuition for The Tour Los Angeles. Additionally, there are no single-day or individual class sales, and purchases are nonrefundable.)

Dancers can register for The Tour Los Angeles at the bottom left of the linked page.

People can purchase tickets for The Show online for $25 or at the door for $30.

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