Music Education

Music Education...

Music Education

The mandate of the Department of MusicEducationis to prepare music teachers for the pre- tertiary levels ofeducationinGhana. Contemporary trends and demands in musical careers have dictated the pace for expansion in the knowledge base of the curriculum. In the light of this, the Department seeks to train and equip students with relevant skills to teach musical arts in Ghanaian schools as well as train general musicians with appropriate skills to pursue the wide range of careers available currently in the music profession (performance, musicbusiness, healthcare, worship, music production, musictechnology, music publishing, musical theatre, instrument making, repair and restoration, film/TV/radio and administration).


  • Certificate Music- Sandwich
  • Diploma Music- Sandwich
  • B. A. Music Education
  • Bachelor Music (B.Music)
  • M. A. (Music Education)
  • M. Phil (Music Education)
  • M. Phil (Music Composition)
  • M. A. (Arts and Culture)
  • M. Phil (Arts and Culture)
  • PhD (Arts and Culture)
Location of Unit or Department: 
Central Campus
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