MyFreedomSmokes Box Mod Kit

MyFreedomSmokes is a general purpose e cig company carrying high powered vaping devices but at affordable prices. On their site, vapers will find DIY juice-making essentials, RBAs, RDAs, mods, and starter kits. They can also choose how to configure their own box mod kit.

Box Mod Caution

I will start with a word about box mods. These are advanced devices, not for use by even the most intrigued and intrepid new vaper. A lot of factors go into deciding which mod to buy plus the atomizer that will operate best with it.

A mod could end up being the equivalent of a puppy at Christmas: exciting at first but bigger than it first appeared and more work too. There are various ways a mod could cause damage or in which one could damage the mod or atomizer without paying close attention. It won’t chew your slippers and doesn’t need to go for walks, but a mod performs best when it has its shots (cleaning and maintenance) and it’s fed the right food (choices of batteries, atomizers, and so on).

When treated with respect, a mod will give its owner hours of pleasure and be admired on many levels. Mods tend to be powerful, but power varies. Low-watt items are great for those new to advanced personal vaporizers (APV). Top brands have come up with 150W editions (liken them to German Shepherds if you’re still thinking of the dog analogy). The box shape is typical of a high-watt APV. Internal microchips, though tiny, control a display screen, protect against reverse polarity and low voltage, monitor volts, watts, battery power, and atomizer resistance.

The MyFreedomSmokes Box Mod Kit

Vape mod building sets aren’t as new as you might think. E cig vendors have been offering clients a selection of customizable kits for years. This one from MyFreedomSmokes is on sale now so the price is right.

Take the opportunity to buy a 100W or 150W box mod and tank for a reduced price both because bundles are cheaper than articles sold separately and because the sale makes this an even better bargain starting at $106.39.

Choose one of the following:

• A Sigelei 100W, black or gold
• An IPV 3 150W, black or silver
• A black Cloupor T8150

The most expensive of these is an IPV 3 by Pioneer4You.

Now add an atomizer. MyFreedomSmokes lists several so I will only mention a few.

They include:

• Kanger Subtank Nano or OCC/RTA
• Smok RSBT Hybrid
• Lotus RBA
• Orchid V2 RBA
• Aspire Atlantis BVC Sub-ohm

Add an 18650 battery by Vamped or Efest. The screen will automatically update pricing so you can see how much your purchase will cost. Don’t forget e liquid which is not included.

Add Juice

Now you need a bottle of liquid to fill your tank. MyFreedomSmokes makes 2 styles: regular juices and their Signature series. Their nicotine strengths go up to 48 mg which is extraordinarily high in the e cig industry. Flavors are elegant (champagne), spicy (cinnamon), and traditional (Havana). A 10-ml bottle is $4.99. Buy bulk-sized bottles or order ingredients to make e liquid the way you imagine it should taste. Make the most of your excellent mod kit with great juice.

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